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2009 Swimming Archive

*** Championships Presentation Evening ***

posted on 9 November 2009

Thomas Beecham Club - 7th November
Please click here for press release. See the medal winner, and click here for photo album

*** Sussex County Development Gala ***

posted on 4 November 2009
1 November 2009
Prince Regent Swimming Complex, Brighton
With the rain pouring down, several Worthing Swimmers parents and helpers were making their way to Brighton for the first day of the Development Gala at the Prince Regent hoping to find a parking space.
I was told that London Road car park was a good place to go and they were correct. It is free all day and is very secure with only a 7 minute walk to the swimming pool.
The day turn out to be a very long day finishing after 20.00 but from what I witnessed was well worth it. Some fantastic swimming indeed.
First up was the 9 to 10years Girls 50m Backstroke. We had 5 swimmers hoping to do well. When the heats were over all achieved PBs and Michelle came first in a time of 43.15 seconds. What a good start to the day
Next came the boys 9 to 11 years 200m Breaststroke. With 3 swimmers competing Joshua Urben taking 33 seconds of his time and came in 6th. With Joshua Harman taking 3 seconds off and finished in 5th.
We were off to a good start to the day then came the Girls 100m Freestyle 10 years and over. With 116 swimmers entered Worthing had 8 girls hoping to do well. Half achieved Personal Bests with Rachel Fairs taking the highest placing of 4th with a PB time of 1.27.04.
One of the toughest events on the day was the 200m Butterfly. With 4 boys entered in the 12 years and over tension was mounting. The outcome was fantastic. Nathan Jones came in first place in the 12 year age group in a time of 3.15.26 PB.
Sam Wildman came in first place in the 13 years age group in a time of 2.54.87 9 second PB.
Alexander Cranford came in First place in the 15 years age group with a time of 2.31.13 13 seconds PB.
Mathew Laker came in first place in the 16 years age group in a time of 3 .08.17 18 seconds PB. 
Well done clean sweep.
Event 5 200m Freestyle This had 3 girls swimming one for the first time Kayliegh Sharp.
In a time of 3.14.84 which was a fantastic time for her first major Gala.
Michelle delivered a 3.05.81 6 SEC PB securing 2nd place. Well Done
Rebecca did well with a 12th placing in a time of 3.25.73 PB GOOD SWIM.
The next event with Worthing Swimmers was the Boys 9 to 11 years 50 Fly. With 5 boys entered hopes were still high from the last fly event.
All boys achieved PBs unfortunately one was classed as a DQ ON LEG ACTION.
However the remaining 4 did well with a FIRST PLACE for Jacob Nash in a time of 40.30 sec. Joshua Harman came in 3rd with a time of 40.97 .Joshua Urben was 8th with a time of 46.21 and Joseph Cowtan 13th in a time of 51.10. Well Done.
Moving on to event 7 11 years and over Girls 200m Breaststroke. 3 entries in a very tough field with a highest placing of 11th a reminder sank in that we could not win everything.
Event 8 11 years and over Boys 100m Backstroke. 5 entries looking for success.
Mathew Laker working well came in first in a time of 1.21.61 
Nathan Jones came in 3rd in a time of 1.21.84 PB .
Charlie Hepworth finished a good 5th in 1.24.28 PB 
Sam W ildman finished second in a time of 1.17.48 with Callum Long finishing in 6th with a time of 1.25.61 3 seconds off his best time good swim Callum.
All swimmers picking up awards for top 6 placing good swimming.
Girls 100 IM. Was next with 9 entries in a field of 136 swimmers on the programme what a touch field to compete in.
First up was Rebecca Harman with a good swim finished 14th in a time of 1.51.07. 6 second PB good swim Rebecca.
Next up was Natasha Cranford who managed a 10th placing in a time of 1.33.68 big PB over 12 seconds keep up the training Natasha well done.
Harliegh Goddard was next who has returned to training and despite a problem with her knees was up for the challenge. She did well with a placing of 11th and a time of 1.31.02 11 seconds off her previous time well done.
Hannah Urben finished in a time of 1.41.98 just outside her best time however I have noticed in training and in this Gala that her swimming is improving all the time and I expect to see some very quick times soon. Keep up the good work Hannah.
Michelle Hepworth was next flying off the block no holding her back with a fantastic swim in a time of 1.37.00 and a fourth place with a PB
Daisy Hazeldine finished in a time of 1.39.24 just outside her best time but her best was to come later in the day.
Gemma Coulson was also up for the challenge and was keen to make her mark in this event with all the hard training she has been doing up to this event. With a finished placing of 9th this was a good result in a time of 1.39.52 another PB BY 4 seconds well done Gemma.
Jodie Curtis was also keen to do well. She did just that with a PB in 1.35.03 and a 12th position.
Perhaps the saying saving the best to last in this event does apply. Sophie Quach entered the seen with a very good swim achieving a PB time of 1.28.76 taking very good position of 5th place in an extremely competitive field. Well done to all.

Next came dinner time all of 5 minutes with a quick Break warm up for the second session had begun. 
Event 10 10 years over 100m Breaststroke.6 entries.
Good swimming from the Worthing girls delivered the following.
1st place Rachel Fairs in a time of 1.44.42 
3rd place for Jodie Curtis in a time of 1.34.36
11th for Eleanor Culverhouse in a time of 1.43.20
13th for Sophie Quach in a time of 1.45.03
25th for Daisy Hazeldine in a time of 1.51.68
26h for Hannah Urben in a time of 1.52.58
Good swimming from all in a very tough event with again 107 swimmers entered.
Event 11 boys 200m back
With 3 entries delivering two firsts and a third we are doing well.
Nathan with yet another good swim taking third
Sam first in 2.48.39 3 sec PB
Mathew first in a time of 2.54.79 4 sec PB Well done boys.
Event 12 saw 3 Worthing girls compete in the 50m Freestyle.
With a second place for Michelle and a 7th for Rachel and 8th for Rebecca out of 54 swimmers entered the good swimming continued in to the afternoon session as it was getting dark outside.
200m Butterfly in event 13 saw Jacob Nash swim a fantastic 3.45.09 taking first place winning by 3 seconds. Yet another first for Worthing well done Jacob.
Event 14 girls 200m IM 4 Girls were to take on the challenged to finish in a good time and not pick up a DQ
With no DQs Rosie did the best here with a good second place in a time of 3.06.53 6 seconds off her time well done Rosie 
Event 15 100 FLY
Well we had 5 entries but as Alexander was showing his true worth as a leading swimmer in the field they decided he was not allowed to swim causing much a debate on the poolside. However with 4 other swimmers competing attention turned to them and they did not disappoint.
Nathan taking a second place in 1.24.47 PB Well done Nathan.
Charlie in 4th in a time of 1.29.32 PB Well done Charlie
Sam Wildman 2nd in a time of 1.16.60 2 sec PB well done Sam.
Mathew 1ST In a time of 1.24.07 PB Well done Matt.
Event 16 200m Back saw 2 swimmers Gemma and Rebecca take to the blocks.
Gemma unfortunately picked up a DQ on a turn which was a close call as the judge seemed to want a second opinion from another who did not even see the turn. However with perhaps a slight glide in to the wall may have added to the issue, Never mind Gemma my time was 3.32.27 which would have been a PB so keep up the hard work and work on them turns.
Rebecca did well with no DQ and a time of 3.45.73 finishing 7th Well done .
Event 17 boys 50m Breaststroke with 3 entries delivered a very exciting heat with Joshua Harman 49.59 3 sec PB and Jacob Nash 48.97 3 SEC pb fight it out to take 2nd and 3rd with Joshua Urben swimming in a time of 52.10. More top places well done boys.
Event 18 gave us Daisy swimming 200m Freestyle. Daisy had been there all day and it was now 20.00. She managed a good time of 3.10.74 finishing 11th outside her best time but all things considered after a very long day I am sure she will perform to her best on a different day.
With a short walk back to the car and memories of several top places Worthing did very well today looking forward to the next sessions.

Nic Piper
Head Coach

*** ESSA Inter-Divisional Championships ***

posted on 25 October 2009
23rd & 24th October 2009
Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, London
Karen Chan was selected to represent Division Twelve, which covers Dorset, East and West Sussex, Hampshire, Channel Islands & Isle of Wight, to swim at the 60th English School Swimming Association (ESSA) Inter-Divisional Championships. This took place at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, London on the 23rd and 24th October 2009.

Karen swim the first leg, which is the backstroke, of the Junior Girls 4x50m Medley Relay. The team came second in both the heat and final, hence the silver medalist of the event. On the individual event, she swam 100m backstroke and came 5th in the heat and 6th in the final.

The country is divided into 12 regions called Division and Sussex is part of Division Twelve. Overall, Division Twelve came second, winning the senior girls trophy and took the most improved division trophy in the process. Of the other five age groups, they are in the Top 3.

Dave Chan
Attending parent

*** ASA National County Team Championships ***

posted on 25 October 2009
18th October 2009
Ponds Forge International Sports Centre, Sheffield
Karen Chan was selected to represent the Sussex County in the British Gas ASA National County Team Championships on Sunday 18th October 2009 at the Ponds Forge International Sports Centre, Sheffield. She swam the Girls 12/13 years 100m backstroke and came 5th in her heat and 15th overall.

There are 32 English Counties, 2 Wales regions and 4 Scotish regions competing in 2 divisions. Sussex county came 10 out of 20 in division 1.

Dave Chan
Attending parnet

*** Southampton James Moreno Open Report ***

posted on 21 October  2009
Sun 18th October 2009
The Quays, Southampton
Hundreds of swimmers attended the level 2 open meet at the excellent 'Quays' venue in Southampton on sunday 18th Oct. Amongst the mass of bodies on poolside there stood a mere two Worthing swimmers, Sophie Quach(11) and Harry Burnell(11).

Not since the 300 spartans had a team faced such overwhelming odds of victory. Sophie and Harry swam seven races, achieving four PB's between them, a 1st and 2nd place.

Sophie swam magnificiently in the 100m free, blasting a 2s PB into the bargain. Harry won the age group 100m free and came second in the 50m free, breaking the Worthing age group record in the process.

Both swimmers were coached and confidently managed on the day by Hung Quach. A big thanks to Shiverers swimmers and coaches who also cheered on the efforts of Worthing.

At the end of the day Worthing left with heads held high having put in a sterling effort. Well done Sophie, Harry!


*** Club Time Trial Report ***

posted on 20 October  2009
Time Trial Three
Sat 17th October 2009
Lancing College
Last Saturday was the third of the series of time trial. This completes one Time Trial cycle which covers all distances inclucing 25m, 50m, 100m, 200m for all four strokes, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and freestyle, plus long distance 400m, 800m and 1500m for freestyle.

Judging from the turn out of these 3 time trials, they have been very well received. They give our swimmers, novice or experienced, a chance to update their time as a way to monitor the progress of their training.

These time trials also presents great opportunities for new poolside helpers to start helping the club in a more relax environment.

I like to thank all those involved, both before and during the time trials, for their time and effort. I hope you all enjoyed the events and it is you that makes these time trials so successful. Thank you.

Due to the availability of the Lancing College pool, we would not be able to have any time trial for the next 2 months. We will take a break and review the format of these time trials. If you have any comment regarding these time trials, please let me know. We are hoping to restart after new year. We will announce the date as soon as we have the confirmation on the booking of the pool.

Dave Chan

*** National Arena Swimming League Round 1 ***

posted on 20 October  2009
Sat 17th October 2009
A big thank you goes out once again to all swimmers especially those who at the last minute filled in when requested to swim at Maidenhead on the 10TH October. It was a long coach journey, but what an evening.

We were one of 8 teams competing and the support from all teams was deafening at times. I feel with some swimmers, nerves started to set in but with a good team spirit we were definitely up for the challenge.

Rachel the girl’s captain was first up and the gala had started. It was clear to see from this first race the level of competition in the pool and we were in a battle that we wanted to do well in.

We were weak in relays with drop outs due to illnesses or Water Polo matches which meant asking other swimmers to swim who did a really good job. After the first 10 events we were announced as 5th out of 8. Hope to improve rested on individual performances from all especially those who faced having to swim up in age and also the number of swims that the team required.

We battled hard and with the heat results being announced you could hear Worthing being named in the top 3 on nearly all events. We were climbing fast up into 4th then 3rd and we could see we were now hot on the heels of 2nd. 

Brighton held this place and was determined to hold on. Time did beat us however 3rd was a fantastic result but on another day 2nd place would have been ours.

Chalfont Otters dominated from the start and we were fighting very hard to make sure they were going to walk away with first place.

For the first round I am very pleased with the team performance. I asked a lot from our swimmers some more than others. The next round will be another tough Gala but I feel another exciting evening coming and I am looking forward to it. 

Again we seemed to drown out all teams with a cheer of give us a W.O.R.T.H.I.N.G and also another sound echoed, GREEN ARMY, this was definitely one battle we can be proud of.

Please all keep the 14th November and the 12th December free as the final teams will be posted very soon.

Again a big thank you to all and for the support.

Nic Piper
Head Coach

*** County Development Gala ***

posted on 11 October  2009
Sunday 1st November 2009, Sunday 15th November 2009
Brighton Prince Regent
To all swimmers

If you are considering entering the Development Gala on the Sunday the 1st and 15th of November then you need to check your age and event time against the attached table and schedule which is also on the Sussex swimming web site.

Swimmers can enter provided that the times you have achieved are NOT FASTER than the times shown which are the consideration times for the age group in which you will be for the Sussex County Age Group in February and March 2010.

Look up your times and if you are NOT FASTER than the published times then you need to let me know NOW so entries can be sorted out.

You can do this in writing direct to myself via email at .

You must state clearly the events you wish to do. Remember there is a cost of £4.00 for each event which will need to be paid directly to the swimming club. Swimmers must be registered with ASA for category 2. If you are not sure about your status, please ask Peter McCallum.

I will be entering all competitors by the 20th October so please do not leave it later than that to ask any questions.

Nic Piper
Head Coach

*** Club Championships ***

posted on 5 October  2009
26/9/2009, 3/10/2009 - Aquarena
It is always good to see Worthing Swimmers entering the Club Championships swimming their best. It is also very rewarding to see records broken. I, as head coach, am very pleased to see our finest swimmers performing along with all other swimmers; some aged 5 years entering the championship for the very first time.

Congratulations to all those who took part especially to those who broke records. When you train hard day in day out, it is a good feeling when you see your times come down.

We have tried in recent months to offer facilities for all to test themselves with the addition of extra time trials at Lancing College. What I feel would be beneficial is for next year to suggest that all those in Lanes should be automatically entered into the Club Championships and encouraged to compete. With an open invitation sent to all those in Widths and the small pool classes.

I feel that we have many swimmers who will benefit from entering the Club Championships and with support from myself and all the teaching and coaching staff I would very much like to see this happen in 2010.

Many thanks to all the back staff that make these events happen. 

Keep up the good work 

Nic Piper 
Head Coach

*** Brighton Ken Deeley Sprint Open ***

posted on 24 September  2009
19th September - Prince Regent Swimming Centre
On the 19th September Archy Burnell, Ben Curtis, Florence Mason and I participated in the Ken Deeley sprint. The gala started off with a few problems with swimmers being in the wrong heat but everything turned out all right.

Well done to Florence for knocking 7.64 seconds off her 100M IM. Well done also to Archy for knocking 11.36 seconds off his 100IM but unfortunately got DQ, and Ben who knocked 11.86 seconds off his 100M IM.

It was really nice to see these 3 swimmers so happy with the times that they have achieved, because I know that they have worked for it through training hard and working on their strokes. 

I hope they can rise to the challenge of the championships and get even better times.

Well done.

Matthew Laker
Attending swimmer

*** Rother League Round 3 ***

posted on 21 September  2009
Rother League Round 3 - 19th September - Bracknell
A good team performance on a difficult night would sum up our last round this year in the Rother League and coming fifth on the night was a good achievement all things considered.

For the first time as far back as I can remember two of our young but extremely experienced swimmers were not able to be with us as they were competing elsewhere, who were Karen Chan and Joe Hazeldine. Along with illnesses and unforeseen circumstances we travelled to Bracknell not as our strongest team but as a team that was still up for a fight.

Thanks to Matt Laker who at the last minute due to a pull out travelled back from Brighton to make up the relay team which helped not overloading other swimmers who would have had to swim up in age, although some were already. Alexander Cranford was back from his travels and was keen to continue his triumphs in the water and soon realised like most of us that the teams present were of good ability and the standards were very high.

There were many good performances on the night and some do need a mention. Joshua Harman holding the last leg of a relay to secure points in what was a very tight race. Harry Burnell who is knocking on the door of breaking 30 seconds for freestyle came close with just over 30 seconds on a manual stopwatch. With his performance in the Butterfly Harry has now a new nick name from me Harry ZIG ZAG Burnell. You had to be there to understand perhaps Harry may tell you his secret to win the 50m Butterfly.

Ben Goddard who’s Breaststroke is improving so much it is great to watch, especially when he appears to not look across the pool so much, may be because they are starting to be all behind him.

Alex Standing rose to the challenge in the 100m Freestyle with a personal best time which will also earn him a move in lanes at the Aquarena with a time of 1.05.sec fantastic swim.

With Charlotte Barnet not with us, get well soon please, Alice Wardley and Hannah Joseph competed to help the team and did a fantastic job. Thanks to Amy Quach for also helping Worthing for possibly the last time this year.

Florence for a wonderful display of a gutsy 100m Butterfly race producing I believe a personal best time. Rachel Piper who after the first race put us in second place with a good performance of 1.13 sec in the Butterfly , I need to shout more to get you down to 1.10 what do you think?

I have not got the space to mention all swimmers but I am sure Laura, Sophie, Rosie, Jacob, Calum, Katie, Tuesday, Rachel, Jodie, Daisy, Natasha and how could we forget Nathan a chance to make the head lines next time.
Natalie Smith and Alexander Cranford were nominated as swimmers to receive awards for this year, however I strongly believe all who swim for Worthing deserve recognition as I, the Head Coach, am very proud of all who put on the Green Hat.

Thank you to Alastair for his continued support to the Club regarding the Galas and for both the girls and boys captain Rachel and Dominic who do their best in motivating the team and giving the biggest cheer on the night with give us a W.

Thank you to all the pool side helpers and officials on the night they did a wonderful job.

Nic Piper

*** Sussex County Relay Gala ***

posted on 16 September  2009
Sussex County Relay Gala 13th September Prince Regent Swimming Centre
A squad of swimmers from Worthing Swimming Club totalling 10 teams representing the complete range of ages from 9 years old onward entered the Sussex County Relay Gala at the Prince Regent Swimming Centre in Brighton over the weekend.

Over 150 teams were out in force from all the top clubs in Sussex and the level of competition was extremely high, with many of those present competing at Regional and National level.

Overall, there were excellent swims from everyone who took part, resulting in the girls 9/10 years old 200m Medley team of Gemma Coulson, Daisy Hazeldine, Michelle Hepworth & Eloise Walker reaching the event Final.

The 11/12 years old boy Medley team of Joe Hazeldine, Ben Goddard, Nathan Jones & Harry Burnell won the Gold medal for this event by a comfortable margin.

The same team again reached the Final of the 200m Freestyle as the third fastest qualifier. Knowing they had to improve their swim by at least 2 seconds from the heat time in order to have any chance of a medal, they responded magnificently to this challenge. Taking Gold by just 3/100th second and providing the spectators and the travelling supporters the most exciting Final of the whole day.

This is a phenomenal achievement for the 11/12 years old boys team by winning both the Freestyle & Medley relays and we shall be looking forwards to their future development.

The 15/16 years old girl 200m Medley team of Florence Scordoulis, Natalie Smith, Sarah Blacker & Rachel Piper and the 15/16 years old boys 200m Medley team of Mathew Laker, Andrew Goodwin, Alex Standing & Kwok-Ho Wan fought their way into their event Finals.

The girls came away with 6th place and the boys swam well to gain a 5th place. 

Well done & congratulation to all those taking part in this Gala. This is a fantastic achievement for the teams attending and some of our younger swimmers were competing for the very first time. The event was very well attended by parents, officials & helpers of Worthing Swimming Club across the age group and we would like to thank you all for your superb support.

See you next year.

Hung Quach.

*** Hazelmere Summer Open Meet Review ***

posted on 7 July  2009
Haslemere Open Meet 4th/5th July.
Well done to Harry Burnell, Gemma Coulson, Ben Goddard, Joshua Harmen, Rebecca Harmen and Matthew Laker. Everybody had some PBs. Together they managed to have 23 PBs out of 37 entries.
This was Rebecca's first open meet and she started with 200 IM. What a swim, knocking nearly 17 seconds off her original time.
Between the swimmers, they picked up 16 medals, 3 Gold, 4 Silver and 9 Bronze; with some excellent individual performances.
All 6 swimmers competed on both days. A good time was had by all, with everybody supporting each other. This was a well organised Meet and nothing was too much trouble for the Haslemere helpers. Even when Gemma was accidently missed out, it was quickly sorted.

Worthing team finished halfway up the points table at this open meet. An achievement in itself given the very small number of Worthing swimmers that attended this open meet.

Ali Goddard.

*** Rother League Trophy Gala Review ***

posted on 21 June 2009

Rother League Round 2 - Woking - 20 June 2009

This year's Rother League Trophy Gala is always going to be difficult as we are competing against 5 very strong clubs; 4 are from divisions 1 including ourself, and 2 from division 2.

As we are unlikely to win the Trophy, so we took this opportunity and put together a team that includes a few reserves to give more swimmers the chance of representing the Club and to gain valuable experience of competing in the open gala.

The team worked extremely hard. There were 15 PBs from Pippin Albright, Charlotte Barnett, Archy Burnell, Harry Burnell, Karen Chan, Ben Curtis, Joe Hazeldine, Michelle Hepworth, Ashley Long and Joshua Long. Great performance!

Between Harry, Karen and Joe; they also broke 6 Aged Club Record. Congratulations!

We managed to win 5 individual events from Harry Burnell (11) 50 Breast, Karen Chan (13) 50 Free & 50 Back, and Joe Hazeldine (12) 50 Free & 50 Breast. Well done!

In the end, we came 5th, just behind Sutton; ahead of Alton, Woking and Staines joined first, and Elmbridge fourth. We might be able to climb up a place or two if we did not have 2 DQs and fielded a stronger team but that is not the aim of this exercise.

Fanny Chan
Attending Coach

*** ASA South East Region Age Group Championships Review ***

posted on 20 June 2009

ASA South East Region Age Group Championships - K2 Crawley - 30 & 31 May, 13 & 14 June 2009

Nine Worthing Swimmers; Charlotte Barnett, Harry Burnell, Karen Chan, Ben Goddard, Joe Hazeldine, Nathan Jones, Lauren Meredith, Amy Quach and Rosie Scordoulis, qualified for 52 events in the SER Age Group Championships. Due to massive over subscription, only four Swimmers; Karen Chan, Ben Goddard, Joe Hazeldine and Rosie Scordoulis, and 25 events were accepted.

Being long course, the results were always going to be less consistent. Only 4 Personal Best were achieved out of the 25 events swum. Now we have more regular access to the 50m pool, perhaps we will be more prepared next year.

On the BAGCAT points: Ben Goddard (11) came 25th with 1363 points, Joe Hazeldine (12) came 14th with 1801 points, Rosie Scodoulis(10) came 41st with 602 points from just 2 categories (total 4), and Karen Chan (13) came 22nd with 2352 points.

According to the Sussex County selection criteria, Ben Goddard, Joe Hazeldine and Karen Chan should be included in the Junior Squad. This will be confirmed soon.

Well done!

Dave Chan
Attending Coach

*** Worthing Inter-Schools Gala Review ***

posted on  14 June 2009

Worthing Inter-School Swimming Gala - Worthing Aquarena - 10 June 2009

This is the eleven year of the Worthing Inter-Schools Gala since it first started in 1999, a partnership between Worthing Swimming Club, Aquarena and Schools Sports Partnership.

The previous winners were: Downbrook (1999), Thomas A' Becket (2000),  Thomas A' Becket (2001), West Park (2002), West Park (2003), Thomas A' Becket (2004), Thomas A' Becket (2005), West Park (2006), Thomas A' Becket (2007) and Broadwater (2008).

There were 7 schools competing in this year's gala. They are Broadwater, Chesswood, Downbrook, English Martyrs, Orchards, Thomas A' Becket and West Park; with Thomas A' Becket fielding two teams. Their A team proved to be too strong for the rest and won the team trophy with 115 points.

This years sees half of the swimmers doing the individual events are Worthing Swimming Club members, past and present. Together, they won 7 out of the total 8 individual medals.

Dave Chan
Results Official

*** Rother League Round 2 Review ***

posted on  14 June 2009

Rother League Round 2 - At Woking - 6 June 2009

The second round took the Gala team to Woking for a very tough round against the following; Bracknell and Wokingham, Woking, Staines, Sutton and Cheam, and Haslemere. This was going to prove a test of our ability to measure up to teams in the top division. Having been promoted in 2008 to Division 1 this was going to be no easy task.

The evening started with Karen and Charlotte for the girls followed by Nathan and Sam in the boys 50m Backstroke. They came second and fourth. Soon it was revealed tonight was going to be very tough indeed.

By event 9, we had our first full points, courtesy of Amy Quach and Karen Chan in the Girls 50m Breaststroke. They came first with 2 seconds to spare.

As the events unfolded and points were very hard to find it was clear that finishing 6th or may be 5th was our best chance. Every body was working hard. This Gala was different to most as each race was divided in two with each swimmer doing half each. As I looked on and as proud as I am we were only a fraction at times behind finishing higher in the placings after most events.

We needed something to give us good heart and soon we came to the only two individual events on the programme, the Girls and Boys 13 Years IM.

Karen was up first. From the start she fought hard on the Butterfly leg and got herself into the lead. Turn into Backstroke now the rest were determined to hunt her down. Still holding the pack at bay with Breaststroke a turn away the gap began to narrow. Only the frontcrawl remained. Was it going to be a Trophy for all the hard work the effort to get the technique right. All of the other club swimmers were close, one slip and all could change. Leaving the red after the turn Karen was only half a metre in the lead. The team was in full voice we had lane 6 which may help as we were shouting in Karens ear as she went down the pool. The end could not come fast enough for Worthing but the other swimmers had other ideas. With a last gasp of effort and a final stretch of the arm victory was with Karen taking first place. The team screamed at the top of their voice at last we had something to shout about.

Then came Mister Joe as I call him. This was always going to be tough as Joe was a year under his age. Joe gazed at his opposition as they stood on the blocks. Realising that the height battle was already lost Joe knew this was going to be a hard race.

The start was sounded the race was on. Good dive, Joe worked to stay with the pack on the first length. The team started shouting again to help Joe on his way. This was not easy the pace was fast in fact faster than Karen's race. Joe turned in fifth and the leading 3 were making a break from the rest. Joe knew that he needed to keep going and fought on each leg of the Medley. This was a very brave swim and when all was over and Joe knew he came 5th .His time was a second quicker than Karen. He did so well. We will be looking next year for another first in the boys and who knows may have the girls again perhaps with Charlotte.

The night was not over but at least we were now in full voice.

Some swimmers were competing for the first time. Calum Mclellen, Ashley Long , Jacob Nash , Ben Alcorn who by no means were just to make up the numbers.

New Girls captain Rachel Piper was doing her best to keep the cheering going with Dominic.

At the end of the night we came 6th. This is still something to be proud of as no other club from the southcoast is in division 1. If you could win a prize for the biggest give us a W O R T H I N G  then another victory would be coming back to Worthing.

Keep up the hard work in training and perhaps next time we meet the same teams we may have the edge. 

Many thanks to all that attended.

N Piper
Head Coach

*** Rother League Round 2 Trophy ***

posted on  9 June 2009

Karen Chan brought home the Individual Medley Perpetual Trophy by winning the U14 Girls IM event.

*** Age Group Gala 2 Review ***

posted on  1 June 2009

Age Group Competition Gala 2 - Lancing College - 30 May 2009

Thank you to all who have taken part in this and also the other Gala 2 weeks ago. It is important to me that all attend where possible so I am able to assess how you are doing and as a Swimming Club see where changes if necessary need to be made.

I was fortunate to see many good swims on both Galas and encouraged to know that with good teaching at all levels we are moving in the right direction. From the results achieved I will be able to look at our lane structure and move swimmers accordingly to continue to raise the standards further, to improve you as a swimmer with every ones support also improve Worthing Swimming Club

The Gala had many challenges as the evening began. First hold up was that all the chairs were locked away due to exams. Programme delays in trying to accommodate all swimmers requests, big thank you to those who worked very hard to sort this out.

Run out of Petrol for the Generator was a first. Thankfully with the generosity of the Photographers on the night we managed to get the power back.

Thank you to the youngest swimmers on the night who rose to the challenge and gave it ago at the age of 6 they are as follows:

Isabelle Wildman, Cerys Nicks , Luke Hemsley , Zak Maluillle , 

Not forgetting the 7 year olds:

Ethan Burgess , Isobel Wardley , Oscar Silk

Club records were broken by Karen Chan, Rachel Piper , Joe Hazeldine, Alastair Hardinge. WELL DONE AND CONGRATULATIONS.

The more you improve in your swimming the harder it becomes to improve your best times. However some swimmers took more than 10 seconds off their previous best time. They are as follows:

Rebecca Harman 10 seconds off her 50 Freestyle time.

Charlie Hepworth 11 seconds approx on his 50m Backstroke, 26 seconds off his 50m Butterfly and 12 seconds off his 50m Breaststroke.

Victoria Nash , 15 seconds off her 50m Butterfly and 38 seconds off her 100m Individual Medley.

Daisy Hazeldine 10 seconds off her 100m Individual Medley and 27 seconds off her 200m Individual Medley.

Holly Nelson 11 seconds off her 100m Individual Medley. 

Joshua Harman 17 seconds off his 200m Individual Medley.

Isobel Wardley 13 seconds off her 25m Backstroke.

Natasha Cranford 35 seconds off her 200m Individual Medley.

Amy Winderbank 10 seconds off her 200m Individual Medley.

Josua Urben , 17 seconds off his 100m Individual Medley.

To reduce your time down at the highest level is measured in tenths of a second so this becomes more of a challenge. However those that train hard each week aiming to improve by just that 1 tenth keep up your hard work.
Thank you to all the officials who work very hard to record the correct time and feed back any errors in your stroke. If you were unfortunate to be disqualified then I will be speaking to you in person during the week to mention again what went wrong .What needs to be put right and to encourage those swimmers not to be to down beat as this happens to all swimmers at one time or another. 

Lane changes will be happening soon so I will do my best to communicate this as soon as I can. With ever increasing challenges on the horizon and the ever growing membership in the club it is important that we try and improve the teaching and coaching at all levels.

I am sure all swimmers and including myself would like to thank all Teachers and Coaches for your time and commitment you give to Worthing Swimming Club to help develop the swimming in the club.

Many thanks

N Piper
Head Coach 

*** Vanessa Knight Memorial Open Meet Review ***

posted on  25 May 2009

Bognor Regis Vanessa Knight Memorial Open Meet - Arun Leisure Centre - 24 May 2009

Last Sunday, 10 swimmers from Worthing Swimming Club. Gemma Coulson, Daisy Hazeldine, Natasha Cranford, Alexander Cranford, Dominic Cranford, Mathew Laker, Ben Curtis, Jodie Curtis, Sophie Quach & Amy Quach attended the Bognor Regis Vanessa Knight Sprint Open meet.

This annual event attracted top swimmers from around the area and clubs as far as Guernsey, Rochester, Beckenham and Newbury to name just a few.

Both sessions finished within 1½ to 2 hours with most swimmers competing in five events within this time.

Worthing came away with a large haul of medals and PB’s, some swimmers achieving PB’s on events swam only a week ago in our Age Group Competition.

Congratulations and a big well done to all swimmers that took part in this Gala, lets hope that more of our swimmers attend this event next year.

For full results please visit ‘’ or keep checking our results web page at ‘’

Hung Quach
Attending Coach

*** Age Group Gala 1 Review ***

posted on  18 May 2009

Age Group Competition Gala 1 - Lancing College - 9 May 2009

The annual Age Group Gala was held on Saturday evening, the 9th May, at Lancing College  4 x 25m pool with limited spectator space.

This is the first of the two sessions. The door opened at 6.00pm. The swimmers warm up at 6.30pm. The first event started at 7.00pm and the gala finished at 9.20pm. This is very closed to the schedule as indicated in the Session Report. Many thanks to all the officials and helpers. Without their hard work, we would not be able to enjoy such well run gala.

The Gala was very well attended from both swimmers and families. The spectator stand was absolutely packed with the swimmers sitting at one end and the parents/grand parents sitting nearer the entrance.

Here are some statistics from the gala. There were 113 swimmers with 63 girls and 50 boys; totalled 231 entries with 131 girls entries and 100 boys entries. The total number of disqualifications are 13; splitted into 9 girls and 4 boys. This is less than 6% of the total entries. Taken into accounts that for many of them, this is their first gala, this figure is very low indeed. More importantly, we see a great number of Personal Best; 93 (40%) in total, 53 for the boys and 40 girls. This is very encouraging. A lot of records were broken, these include many from last year's results, a few Event Best Time and Aged Club Record.

Here is the detailed summary of Gala 1.

Swimmers of all ages, at various stages of development,  entered the competition. They came from the Learner Pool, Width Class, Length Class, Pre-development Squad and the Gala Squad that train at multiple sites.

It is especially pleasing to see so many girls and boys of 8 Years & Under competing. They have done tremendously well.

Congratulations to all the swimmers that took part in the gala. This is where your hard work in training paid off. We mustn't forget the contribution from your parents; all the support, encouragement and the transportation, week-in and week-out.

Although we had a few disqualifications, we all know that this can be quite upsetting for both swimmers and parents. We must put it down as experience as this can happen even to the best and very top swimmer.

On a separate note, Mrs Morag Hardinge would like to thank the person who found her purse and handed in at the gala.

The next gala is in 2 weeks time, Saturday the 30th. I hope to see you all there again. Good luck and keep up with the training.

Fanny Chan

*** South East Region Age Group Championships Entries ***

posted on  15 May 2009

Congratulations to the following swimmers qualified for the SER Age Group Championships:

Charlotte Barnett (12) 100 Bk
Harry Burnell (11) 100 & 200 Fs, 100 & 200 Bk, 200 IM
Karen Chan (13) 100, 200 & 400 Fs, 100 & 200 Bk, 100 & 200 Br, 200 & 400 IM
Ben Goddard (11) 100 Fs, 200 Fs, 400 Fs, 800 Fs, 100 Bk, 200 Bk, 100 Br, 200 Br, 200 IM, 400 IM
Joe Hazeldine (12) 100, 200, 400, 800 & 1500 Fs, 100 & 200 Bk, 100 & 200 Br, 100 & 200 Fly, 200 & 400 IM
Nathan Jones (11) 100 & 200 Fs, 400 Fs
Lauren Meredith (13) 100 Fs
Amy Quach (13) 100 & 200 Fs
Rosie Scordoulis (10) 100 & 200 Fs, 100 & 200 Bk, 100 & 200 Br, 100 & 200 Fly

The Club has traditionally supported the entries for regional competition and above. This is no exception. All the swimmers have worked very hard for the past few months to achieve their Regional Qualifiying Times. They deserve all the support they can get.

The path to Regional Qualifier is not an easy one. All the qaulifying time for the Regional has to be swum in an ASA licensed meet of Level 1, 2 or 3. For most swimmers, that means entering several Open Meets all over the South East for the past few months. They have been training very hard, attending extra sessions when they can and preparing for one competition after another almost continuously.

It is not just the swimmers that have been working very hard. We should not forget their parents have been working tirelessly in the background as well. Quite often, these Open Meets are all day events and some of them stretch over the whole weekend and even beyond. There are a lot of preparation, packing and transportation to be done for these competitions.

We hope they all do well in the SER Age Group Championships in a couple of weeks time. Good luck and well done!

Dave Chan

*** BSBASA No Frills Open Meet - Review ***

posted on  10 May 2009

Berkshire and South Buckinghamshire ASA No Frills Open Meet - Aldershot - 9 May 2009

Three Worthing swimmers; Karen Chan, Alexander Cranford and Joe Hazeldine attended this No Frills Open Meet at the Aldershot Garrison excellent 8 lanes 50m long course pool on Saturday.

It is described as "No Frills" as all placings will be made on a heat time classification - there will be no finals and no presentations. The prime objective is to give as many swimmers as possible the opportunity to attain their National Qualifying Time in National BAGCAT or YOUTH events, in a 50m pool and/or to establish entry QTs for the regional BAGCAT championships.

Swimmers from all over the South East Region attended this Meet looking for either regional qualifying time or national qualifying time. So the standard is very high.

Although none of our swimmers achieved any Personal Best (PB), the experience gained from competing in a long course pool would be very valuable.

For Alexander, who will be competing in Taipei Deaflympics in September, he will need all the competition experience in a long course pool he can get.

For Karen and Joe, this will be a rehersal for the South East Regional BAGCAT championships held at Crawley K2 50m long course pool in a few weeks time.

Dave Chan
Attending coach

*** Atlantis Spring Open Meet - Review ***

posted on  10 May 2009

Atlantis Spring Open Meet - Horsham - 3 April 2009

On the 3rd May, 10 swimmers attended the ATLANTIS SPRING OPEN MEET to take part in several events over the day. The day started early for some with session 1 starting at 08.00am. With the sun shining bright through the end window, the pool area became extremely hot with temperatures rising throughout the day which finished at 19.30 in the evening. All the swimmers tried to keep cool to perform their best and with Personal records being achieved by nearly all swimmers, things were going well.

The day did have a few problems: the first was the whipping area calling for a Jessica Meredith and not Francesca Meridith, resulting in her missing heat 1 and then finding herself swimming in heat 4, but produced such a good time in her 50m Butterfly, she knocked just over 4 seconds off her entry time.

Archy ended up slipping on a wet floor cutting his knee, resulting in spending some time in the first aid room, desperately trying to stop the bleeding so he could swim in his 50m Freestyle. Yes he just made it in time.

Eloise Walker wanted to achieve a good time in her front crawl so much she decided to try diving from the block for the first time, after giving it a go in the warm up session. The result was a fantastic dive and yet another personal best time added to the growing list already achieved during the day.

Hannah Clement was also swimming for Worthing though still listed as a Shiverers swimmer. She managed to pull out all the stops and swam very well, knocking her times down especially in her 50 m Breaststroke by 2 seconds.

A personal thankyou goes out to the following who made my day special as I take great enjoyment seeing our swimmers compete and enjoy their sport and special memories from the day.

Thankyou Carys for working hard. Archy for keeping me on my toes in the first aid room. Gemma for the supply of sweets during the day. Ben for worrying me when getting his hat on close to the beginning of his races. Jodie who worked very hard and gave her all like everyone else. Charlie for his determination on this day with a 21 and 15 seconds PBs on this day. Michelle and her fantastic 200m IM . Francesca who will be giving her sister a very good race soon if she keeps working hard as she is currently. Eloise for her determination to do well and to see that fantastic dive. Last but not least Hannah who showed just how to behave and put others to shame, also for her monkey swings. 

A big thankyou to all.

Many thanks
Nic Piper

*** Rother League Round 1 - Review ***

posted on  25 April 2009

Rother League Round 1 - Waterlooville - 24 April 2009

Worthing finished 6th in the 1st round of the Rother League, just 3 points away from finishing 5th.

After having gained promotion in the Sussex League during the last month, hopes were high for another good result. Also, Having been promoted to division 1 of the Rother League last year, Worthing knew that this year would be more difficult in their quest to stay there.

But with 2 galas to go, hopes are still high for stronger performances to come. The 1st gala saw a number of swimmers,swimming out of age and with a few of the swimmers arriving just in time, having swum in an open meet in Portsmouth all day, it was always going to be tough. The age groups for the next gala are slightly different which will be to Worthing's advantage.

The next gala is on 6th June at Woking.Well done to all those that took part in this gala, particularly to the younger members who swam in their first gala for the Club.

Good Luck

Chris Luesley
Swimming Secretary

*** Portsmouth Easter Open Meet - Review ***

posted on  14 April 2009

Portsmouth Easter Swimming Festival - Victoria Swimming Centre - 9-12 April 2009

Five Worthing swimmers, Charlotte Barnett(12), Karen Chan(13), Ben Goddard(11), Joe Hazeldine(12) and Amy Quach(12), entered the Portsmouth Easter Swimming Festival which lasted 4 days over the Easter weekend.

They came back with 16 Personal Best (PB) and 5 new Aged Club Records. Charlotte Barnett swam all 4 entered events and one final with PBs. Ben Goddard improved his 200 Fly by over 10 seconds! Amy Quach cut her 400 Free by nearly 8 seconds. Between Karen Chan and Joe Hazeldine, they broke 5 aged club records and improved some of their qualifying times for the South East Region Championships. Well done!

This is a Licence One open meet aimed for swimmers working on the regional and national level. Our swimmers managed to get into 5 finals for the 100m events are to be congratulated.

Dave Chan
Attending Coach

*** Sussex League Gala 3 - Review ***

posted on  4 April 2009

Sussex League Gala 3 - Worthing Aquarena - 4 April 2009

Sussex League - Division 2 Champions 2009

1st Worthing - 437
2nd 1066 - 339
3rd Hailsham - 232

Worthing entertained 1066 Swimming Club and Hailsham Swimming Club in what was the last gala in the Sussex League 09 for Worthing and the first round for 1066 and Hailsham.

With hugh support from the home crowd, the evening saw another fantastic team effort from a near full strength Worthing team. With 19 excellent individual victories and 7 team victories in the relays, Worthing surged ahead from the start and never looked back. More importantly, Worthing secured 37 second places on the evening, far more than the other two teams put together.

As a result of having won all 3 galas participated in, Worthing remain top of the table, and have now established an unassailable lead, securing promotion to Division 1 of the Sussex League for next year.

Congratulations go to all of those swimmers involved in each of the three galas and to those who have helped to prepare the swimmers for the galas, especially Head Coach, Nic Piper who has now seen his team secure a third promotion in 3 different leagues since taking over as Head Coach.

An excellent result!!, but now all swimmers must stay focussed over the Easter period, with the first round of the Rother League, just 3 weeks away on 25th April 2009.

Good Luck Worthing!!!

Chris Luesley
Swimming Secretary

*** Sussex County Swimming Championships ***

posted on  15 March 2009

February & March 2009

With just the Boys 800 and Girls 1500 Metres to go, Worthing swimmers have had a successful Sussex Counties in 2009, with 6 medal winners, gaining a total of 3 Gold, 12 Silver and 7 Bronze medals. Click here for details.
Karen Chan won 2 Age Group titles with the Girls 12 Years 100 Metres Backstroke in 1.11.65 & 200 Metres Backstroke in 2.34.79 and gained 7 medals in total. 

The Other gold medallist was Joe Hazeldine, who won the 100 Metres Breaststroke in 1.22.60 and a total of 10 medals. 
Harry Burnell, Ben Goddard and Nathan Jones all won medals in the 11 Year old Boys Age Group. Harry, silver in 50 Metres Freestyle, Ben, silver in 200 IM and 200 Breaststroke and Nathan, silver in 200 Metres Butterfly. 

Rosie Scordoulis won bronze in 10 year old girls 50 metres Butterfly.

11 Worthing Swimmers have now qualified for the South East Region Championships in May and June.

The 9 years old boys and girls relay team worth a special mention. For most of them, this is their first open gala.

Girls medley relay team - Francesca Meredith, Pippin Albright, Michelle Hepworth and Nancy Ball came 6th.
Boys free relay team - Ashley Long, Oliver Wildman, Ben Curtis and Archy Burnell came 6th.
Boys medley relay team - Oliver Wildman, Ben Curtis, Ashley Long and Archy Burnell came 7th.
Girls free relay team - Michelle Hepworth, Pippin Albright, Carys Barnett and Francesca Meredith came 7th.

Congratulations to all those that took part in the Counties, in both individual and relay events, with over 80% of races entered, being achieved in a personal best time.

Thanks go to Head Coach, Nic Piper and all the coaches involved in preparing the swimmers for the Counties and coaching throughout the 2 weekends of competition.

Well Done to all of you!!

Chris Luesley
Swimming Secretary

*** Sussex League Gala 2 - Review ***

posted on  2 March 2009

Sussex League Round 2 - Eastbourne - 28 February 2009

1st Worthing - 425
2nd Hastings - 379
3rd Eastbourne - 205

Worthing secured another fantastic result in the 2nd round of
the Sussex League which leaves us top of the table with 2 wins
out of 2. Another win at the home Gala on 4th April will secure
the Division 2 Championship and more significantly promotion.

Worthing attained a similar amount of wins to Hastings (28 wins v 27 wins)
but it was the number of 2nd and 3rd places that helped to secure
a significant win, with 31 2nd places and 15 swimmers in third.

After the disappointment of having a few disqualifications in the previous round,
all swimmers made it through their races unscathed, with no disqualifications
on the evening.

All eyes will now turn to the home Gala on 4th April against 1066 and Hailsham.
Please try to attend this evening, to support your club as we strive for division 1 status.
We look forward to seeing you all there.

Congratulations to all those involved in the Gala on the 28th February,
Keep up the good swimming.

Chris Luesley
Swimming Secretary

*** Sussex League Gala 1 - Review ***

posted on  14 February 2009
Sussex League Round 1 - Arun Leisure Centre - 14th February
The first round of the Sussex League 2009, saw Worthing swim out as
comfortable winners on the night, securing a large points haul of 407, against
Bognor (311) and Chichester (263). With 27 races won and another 27 second places,
Worthing secured an early lead which was never lost.
The squad now have 2 weeks to prepare for the 2nd round at Eastbourne
on the 28th February. With a number of key swimmers missing and with
an unusually high number of disqualifications on the night, 5 out of a total of 18,
hopes are high for another good performance, which ultimately can help Worthing
secure promotion to Division 1 in April.
Congratulations to all those involved in this weeks win.
Chris Luesley
Swimming Secretary

*** Brighton Tom Handley Open Meet ***

posted on 12 January 2009

Brighton Prince Regent Swimming Complex
10/11 January 2009

This is a Level 2 licence open meet. Swimmers from Portsmouth, Guildford, Crawley and as far as London entered this Open Meet to gain qualifying time for the County, Regional and even National. So the competition is strong. Portsmouth Northsea sent in a large squad with impressive performance and dominates the proceeding.

One event that is worth special mention is the 50 Metre Freesytle Skins for boys and girls 13/under and 14/over. Here are the rules for the Skins:

- The fastest 6 swimmers in the 50m Freestyle from each age group (Boys & Girls 9/13 and 14/over) are entered for the Skins events provided that those swimmers have entered and swum in at least 2 events during the gala.

- Should any swimmer(s) withdraw from the skins event, reserves are called

- The 1st heat is a normal race start

- All subsequent heat starts comprise of a 10 second warning whistle followed by the start tone

- The last swimmer home in each skins heat is eliminated unless a disqualification occurs in which case that swimmer only will be eliminated

- Swimmers remain in their start lane except for the final heat when lanes 3&4 are used

- A go off time of 3 minutes is used for each heat with Boys and Girls races alternating

There is a cash prize of £30 to the winners £15 to the 2nd place swimmers.

Karen Chan entered the Skins for the Girls 9/13 and stayed until the last 4. Congratulations for her great effort and outstanding achievement.

8 swimmers; 31 entries; 15 PBs; 5 Golds, 4 Silvers, 1 NS and 1 DQ.

Click here for individual results.