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2004 Water Polo News Archive


Posted on 13 December 2004

Just a short message to say that the following members were involved at last weekends ASA inter district championships played at Millfield school.

In the girls event Emily Tilzey, Louise Gibb and Rachel Pearson represented the southern district.

In the boys the two Ben's, Brazier and Alcorn, were selected and played for the south.

All individuals played well over the weekend and will benefit greatly from the experience of top class competition.

Emily continues to be involved with the National girls squad which is a fantastic achievement.



Match Report

Posted on 4 December 2004

Sussex Senior League.

Haywards Heath B 11, Worthing 18.

In the final senior match of the county season, Worthing eased to a comfortable victory against the spirited opposition.

Dominating throughout, we took the opportunity to play all of the squad during this match. This win completed an unbeaten county season for the senior team although some of the matches had been closer than we might have hoped for.

Scorers: Richard Hooper 6, Paul Phillpott 4, Dave Hoad 3, Alastair Roberts 2, Nathan Hart 2, Dean Orchard 1.

Exclusions: Scott Orchard, Alastair Roberts, Dean Orchard.

Remaining Squad: Jon Gray, Anthony Gray, Adrian Irbe, Andy Cawdary, James Drage, Ben Alcorn.

Sussex Junior League.

Hailsham 12, Worthing 6.

The junior team put on a performance of great commitment and no little skill against the new county champions.

Missing several players for various reasons, the available squad competed throughout but the final score was probably a fair reflection of the play overall.

Scorers: Nathan Hart 3, Dan Gibb, Louise Gibb, Mel Hart.

Exclusions: None

Remaining Squad: Ben Alcorn, Christine Pilcher, Ziggy Tate.

Sussex Ladies League.

Hastings 5, Worthing 6.

This was a rearranged fixture that should have been our home game but was played at St Bedes school pool.

Our girls put on an excellent all round performance and came from behind in the final quarter to snatch a dramatic victory with seconds remaining.

All the team played well but special mention should be made of Rachel Pearson who has recently arrived from the USA and has added basic swimming speed along with good water polo skills to our team.

Scorers: Mel Hart 2, Rachel Pearson, Charlotte Macmahon, Jenny Willett, Vicki Sayers.

Exclusions: Karen Wardley.

Remaining Squad: Emily Tilzey, Rebecca Anderson, Debbie Willett.



Match Report

Posted on 7 November 2004

Sussex Junior Knock out Final.
Hailsham 12 Worthing 6.
This years final took place at the deep water pool at Crowborough and was an exciting match of a good standard.
The Worthing juniors put on a brave display against their older and physically stronger opponents and scored some excellent goals throughout. Featuring three players from the 1991 age group in the squad of 9 indicates the development is in good hands and the experience gained in this match will undoubtedly be of benefit in the long term.
Quarter Scores. 3-1, 4-2, 4-1, 1-2.
Worthing Scorers: Nathan Hart 3, Callum Fogerty 2, Tim Brazier 1.
Exclusions: Ben Brazier 1, Dan Gibb 1, Callum Fogerty 1.
Remaining Squad: Ziggy Tate, Rob Osbourn, Louise Gibb, Ben Alcorn.

Sussex Senior Knock out Final.
Hailsham 2+10 Handicap= 12, Worthing 25.
Played after the junior match, our senior team put on a display of "power" water polo to record a remarkable win. Starting with a 10 goal handicap was a daunting prospect but the team dominated throughout and eventually ran out comfortable winners. This win was all the more remarkable as we were without several regulars including Matt White (away at National league), Markian Polovyi (suspended) and Jon Gray (work commitments).
The win secured a county league and cup double which illustrates the quality of our senior team. The combination of youth and experience makes a very strong squad who are capable of playing a very high standard.
All the team were keen to dedicate this win to Robert Dove who has been seriously ill away at University. One of our outstanding junior players of the last few years, we all wish him a very speedy recovery.
Quarter Scores: 0-5, 2-5, 0-4, 0-9.
Worthing Scorers: Richard Hooper 7, Paul Phillpott 6, Dave Hoad 4, Scott Orchard 3, Dean Orchard 2, Nathan Hart 2, Andy Cawdary 1.
Exclusions: Dean Orchard 2, Nathan Hart 1.
Remaining Squad: Alastair Roberts, James Drage, Ben Alcorn, Dan Gibb.
Alastair Roberts.

Match Report

Posted on 5 November 2004

Sussex Senior League.
Worthing 16, Haywards Heath 10.
In what was a generally a poor performance, the Worthing senior team remained unbeaten in this years county league.
This was a match in huge contrast to the previous weeks incident packed cup clash against the Haywards Heath first team. Somehow the match never really got going and for long periods was only notable for the huge amount of errors from both teams.
It was only in the final quarter that we eventually secured the victory with some powerful play.
Quarter Scores: 2-1, 4-4, 4-3, 6-2.
Worthing Scorers: Richard Hooper 5, Nathan Hart 3, Paul Phillpott 3, Matt White 2, Dave Hoad 1, Adrian Irbe 1, Dean Orchard 1.
Exclusions: Jon Gray, Dave Hoad, Andy Cawdray.
Remaining Squad: Anthony Gray, Ben Alcorn, Martin Wiseman, Alastair Roberts.

Match Report

Posted on 31 October 2004

Sundays under 16 Tournament which was played at St. Bedes school.
We took a very young and inexperienced team to play in the latest county tournament. The half term holiday had deprived us of several of our younger players, but the seven boys and girls who played did so with great enthusiasm and commitment combined with no little skill.
The results in the two matches were as follows:
Worthing 6, Haywards Heath 2.
Quarter Scores: 1-1, 2-0, 2-0, 1-1.
Worthing scorers: Dan Gibb 2, Callum Fogerty 2, Scott Martin 1, Ziggy Tate 1.
Exclusions: None.
Worthing 3, Hailsham 7.
Quarter Scores: 1-1, 1-5, 0-0, 1-1.
Worthing scorers: Callum Fogerty 1, Ziggy Tate 1, Elliot Ellison 1.
Exclusions: Sian Fogerty.
Remaining Squad: Tim Brazier.
Special mention should be made of Sian who played well throughout and Elliot who scored an excellent goal in his first competitive match.

Match Report

Posted on 29 October 2004

Sussex Senior Knock Out.
Worthing 15, Haywards Heath 6.
In the semi final of this years county cup competition, the Worthing senior team recorded a good win in an exciting match against Haywards Heath.
After the previous weeks league match against the same opposition, this was always going to be a match with an edge to it.
And so it proved with no less than 23 exclusion fouls throughout the match, 9 conceded by the home team and 14 by the visitors. Fortunately the referee was consistent throughout and the constant holding and pulling back of players inevitably and correctly resulted in an exclusion.
Worthing played their best water polo for some while in this match and dominated from the first period. The most remarkable aspect was the final 5 minutes of the match after the exclusion of Markian Polyovi when playing as a result with a man short the team still managed to out score the visitors 3-1.
Quarter Scores. 4-2, 4-2, 3-1, 4-1.
Worthing Scorers: Scott Orchard 7, Matt White 4, Richard Hooper 2, Andy Cawdery 1, Dean Orchard 1.
Exclusions: Markian Polyovi 3, Andy Cawdery 2, Matt White 2, Adrian Irbe 1, Dean Orchard 1.
Remaining squad: Alastair Roberts, Nathan Hart, Ben Alcorn, Paul Phillpott.

Match Report

Posted on 22 October 2004

Sussex Senior League.
Haywards Heath 11, Worthing 14.
In probably the crucial fixture of this years Championship, the Worthing senior team recorded a hard fought victory at the Dolphin centre Haywards Heath.
In a match that was never pretty, Worthing just about deserved their victory but the final score possibly does not indicate quite how close the match, and particularly the final period actually were.
At the end of the first quarter we led by 4-0 and it looked as though we would probably go on to record a comfortable victory.
Haywards Heath had not however read this particular script and staged a strong come back drawing level mid way though the fourth quarter. Three quick goals towards the end were just about enough to see off the resistance of the home side.
Scorers: Dave Hoad 4, Scott Orchard 3, Richard Hooper 2, Markian Polovyi 1, Dean Orchard 1, Andy Cawdery 1, Nathan Hart 1, Matt White 1.
Exclusions: Matt White 3, Andy Cawdery 1, Scott Orchard 1.
Remaining Squad: Adrian Irbe, Alastair Roberts, Jon Gray, Ben Alcorn.

Match Report

Posted on 17 October 2004

Firstly, three of our youngsters have been selected to be part of the newly formed Southern District Regional Training Centre squad which trains on Friday nights at Crystal Palace. The RTC is a new concept from the ASA and is targeted at developing the best youngsters in the 91/92 age group across all of the five districts. Congratulations should go to Ziggy Tate, Scott Martin and Tim Brazier who have been selected to be part of the squad of 13 and I am sure the intensive training with some of the best coaches in the South will benefit all of them greatly.
Secondly, the latest match report.
Sussex Senior League.
Worthing 22, Crawley 5.
In the latest match in this years county championship, the Worthing senior team eased to a satisfactory win against a spirited Crawley at the Aquarena. The match was decided in the first quarter with our seniors putting on a powerful display to lead 8-0 at the break. After this the result was never in doubt and although Crawley played with great commitment, the final score could have been greater if it hadn't been for some wasteful finishing.
Quarter Scores: 8-0, 4-2, 3-0, 7-3.
Worthing Scorers: Richard Hooper 9, Matt White 4, Nathan Hart 4, Markian Poloyvi 3, Andy Cawdery 1, Scott Orchard 1.
Exclusion Fouls: None.

Match Report

Posted on 15 October 2004

Sussex Junior League.
Worthing 16, Crawley 2.
In the latest match of this seasons county junior league, our young team
produced a satisfactory home victory. Against an inexperienced opposition
the Worthing boys played well throughout and the final result was never in
doubt. Highlights included a first competitive goal for Lewis Griffin on his
debut for the junior team.
Quarter Scores: 5-1, 3-0, 3-0, 5-1.
Scorers: Nathan Hart 5, Ben Brazier 4, Callum Fogerty 4, Alex Finch 1,
Lewis Griffin 1, Ziggy Tate 1.
Exclusion Fouls: Ben Alcorn, Ben Brazier.
Remaining Squad: Tim Brazier, Dan Gibb, Robert Osborne.

Sussex Junior League.
Hailsham 10, Worthing 4.
The Worthing juniors traveled to Hailsham to play a crucial match in this
years county league missing four of our younger players who were at the new
Regional Training Centre at Crystal Palace. Hailsham also had players at
this RTC and because of this both teams played some of their junior girls in
this fixture.
The youngsters put up a highly committed display against a strong opposition
and the final score was a fair reflection of the home teams superiority. As
always, the small and shallow pool at St Bedes school allied to some
inconsistent and weak refereeing made this match a poor spectacle.
Scorers: Nathan Hart 2, Ben Brazier 2.
Exclusion Fouls: Ben Brazier, Louise Gibb, Dan Gibb.
Remaining Squad: Ben Alcorn, Callum Fogerty, Lewis Griffin, Emily Tilzey.
Special mention should be made of Emily and Louise who both played with huge
commitment and no little skill throughout.

Match Report

Posted on 27 September 2004

Following is a report on the latest water polo match.
Sussex Senior league.
Worthing 15, Hailsham 7.
In the latest match of this years county league, the Worthing senior team recorded another satisfactory win.
The match was largely spoilt by some inconsistent and controversial refereeing decisions with an especially interesting interpretation of what constituted an exclusion foul. Despite this, our seniors maintained a comfortable margin throughout and the final score was a fair reflection of the difference between the two teams.
Quarter Scores: 5-2, 1-2, 5-2, 4-1.
Worthing Scorers: Matt White 6, Richard Hooper 5, Scott Orchard 2, Andy Cawdary 2.
Exclusion fouls: Markian Polovyi 3, Paul Phillpott 3, Scott Orchard 2, Dean Orchard 1, Dave Hoad 1.
Remaining squad: Alastair Roberts, Jon Gray, Ben Alcorn, Nathan Hart, Anthony Gray.

Match Report

Posted on 18 September 2004

Following is a report of last nights match.
Sussex Senior League: Brighton 8, Worthing 16.
This was a match that was much closer than the final score suggests.
Playing against a big and strong Brighton team, our seniors took a long time to get going in what was a poor quality match with far too many errors from both teams.
Going into the final quarter, Worthing only led 10-8 but a strong final period resulting in a defensive shut out gave the final score a slightly flattering look.
The next match is this coming Wednesdays home Fixture in the senior league against Hailsham.
Scorers: Richard Hooper 8, Matt White 4, Dean Orchard 3, Dave Hoad 1.
Major Fouls: Matt White 3, Richard Hooper 2, Jon Gray 1.
Remaining Squad: Scott Orchard, Adrian Irbe, Ben Alcorn, Anthony Gray, Alastair Roberts.

Match Report

Posted on 11 September 2004

After the August holiday period, the polo season has re-started with three matches in quick succession. The reports on these games follows shortly.
I would also like to mention that we were absolutely delighted with the number of new players we had at last Thursdays junior session. We had 23 boys and girls in the class and we are aware of several who could not make that night so the signs are really promising. I think they all enjoyed themselves even though the coaching staff found it very hard work!
Matches as follows:
Sussex Women's league: Worthing 1 Haywards Heath 10.
In the return match against National League first division Haywards Heath, the Worthing girls put on a strong performance at the Aquarena.
With the team made up of 5 junior and 4 senior players the Worthing team was always in for a hard match against their more experienced opposition.
Our girls defended bravely throughout but struggled to create many chances going forward. This however was a good effort all-round and indicated the progress being made.
Scorer: Vicki Sayers.
Major Fouls: Charlotte McMahon 3, Emily Tilzey, Karen Wardley, Mel Hart.
Remaining squad: Zoe Yeandle, Christine Pilcher, Jenny Willett, Debbie Willett.
Sussex Senior League: Hastings 9, Worthing 16.
The Worthing senior team made the long journey to Hastings for the second time this year having already won there in the knock-out competition.
As always, this is a difficult place to play in a shallow and fairly narrow pool. Controlling the match throughout the Worthing team were never really at their best against an enthusiastic but limited opposition. The final score should have been a more comfortable margin but for some poor finishing and the conceding of too many easily avoidable goals.
Scorers: Richard Hooper 7, Scott Orchard 4, Dave Hoad 3, Dean Orchard 1, Markian Polovyi 1.
Major Fouls: Markian Polovyi 1, Jon Gray 1, Anthony Gray 1.
Remaining Squad: Adrian Irbe, Nathan Hart, Ben Alcorn, Alastair Roberts.
Sussex Junior League: Crawley 2, Worthing 27.
Playing against a very inexperienced Crawley junior team, the Worthing youngsters put on a strong performance at the Crawley leisure centre pool.
Although the Worthing team won this match comfortably, the most pleasing aspect was the excellent contribution made by the several younger members of the squad.
In a competition where the oldest players are 1986 age group, the Worthing team contained Scott Martin (1992) who made his debut, Tim Brazier (1991), Ziggy Tate (1991) and Dan Gibb (1990).
The team played some good quality polo throughout and every member of the squad managed to score at least one goal.
Scorers: Nathan Hart 9, Ben Brazier 5, Callum Fogerty 4, Scott Martin 3, Dan Gibb 2, Ziggy Tate 2, Tim Brazier 1, Ben Alcorn 1.
Major Fouls: Scott Martin 2, Ben Brazier 1.

Water Polo Website

1 May 2004

New domain name for Worthing Water Polo Please note that the site is maintained by Richard Hooper of the Water Polo team.

Alastair Roberts
Water Polo Secretary