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2005 Water Polo News Archive

Match Review

Hi Guys,
This is the report of the final senior match of the year.
Sussex Senior League.
Worthing 13, Hastings 6.
In the final match of our long league season, the Worthing senior team eventually recorded a satisfactory victory against a spirited opposition.
We were without many of our squad for a variety of reasons and as a result of this we chose to give debuts in our senior team to 2 of our successful under 15's . Ziggy Tate and Stuart Stirling played half the match each and both didn't look out of place. Ziggy managed to score and Stuart would also have found the back of the net with slightly more composure in front of goal.
The match itself had a definite "end of season" feel about it particularly as the previous week we had secured the county title with the win at Haywards Heath. We actually managed to fall behind to two quick goals but by the end of the first quarter we had drawn level. From then on we started to dominate but our finishing was poor throughout and so the margin of victory was smaller than it probably could have been.
Quarter Scores: 2-2, 3-2, 3-1, 5-1.
Scorers: Richard Hooper 5, Scott Orchard 3, Dave Hoad 2, Ben Brazier 2, Ziggy Tate 1.
Exclusion: Markian Polovyi 1.
Remaining Squad: Jon Gray, Andy Cawdary, Stuart Stirling, Alastair Roberts.
Finally, this was the last match for our Ukrainian star Markian, who is returning home in the next few days. He has been a terrific asset to our team for the last couple of years and we all wish him well for the future. We can at least look forward to the reduction in the number of exclusions!

Match Review

Hi Guys,
This report brings news of the two matches that secured our successful retention of the Sussex senior league championship.
1. Worthing 16, Haywards Heath 10.
This was the first of the two league matches against our traditional rivals. Played at the Aquarena in front of another good crowd, this was never a match of the highest quality but the result was always going to be the most important factor.
Worthing were in control throughout without ever making the game safe until well into the final quarter. Both teams were missing some of their key players but it did demonstrate that we have squad members who can come into the team and play well.
Worthing scorers:- Richard Hooper 5, Paul Phillpott 4, Dave Hoad 3, Andy Cawdary 2, Markian Polovyi 1, Scott Orchard 1.
Exclusions: Markian Polovyi 2, Andy Cawdary 1, Andy Parkin 1, Richard Hooper 1, Dave Hoad 1.
Remaining Squad: Jon Gray, Anthony Gray, Ben Alcorn.
2. Haywards Heath 11, Worthing 15.
The away match proved to be a slightly closer affair but again our senior team was always in control. 
Once again we were without several key players resulting in only a squad of 8 traveling to this important match. An excellent team performance saw the team record a fine victory.
Worthing scorers: Richard Hooper 6, Scott Orchard 4, Markian Polovyi 2, Jon Gray 1, Andy Cawdary 1, Dave Hoad 1.
Exclusions: Richard Hooper 2, Adrian Irbe 2, Markian Polovyi 1.
Remaining Squad: Ben Alcorn.
As I wasn't at either match, more extensive details on these games can be found on Richard's "Worthing water polo" website.

Match Review

I am pleased to report that the Worthing girls recorded an excellent win at the Basingstoke tournament this weekend.
To my knowledge this is the first time that a Worthing team has won a competitive tournament since the club first started encouraging girls to play about ten years ago. Slowly the numbers have increased and now we are able to call on many individuals who have played at inter district and National league events. It is also really encouraging that we now have a large number of younger girls who are playing which is the reason behind our entry into the Junior London league which starts in January.
The tournament on Sunday saw the team unbeaten in three matches as follows:
Worthing 12, Southampton University "B" 0.
This was a relatively simple win against an inexperienced team that never came to  terms with our play and particularly swimming speed and fitness. Most of our goals were scored on the counter attack which we were able to employ time and again as a result of our press defence.
Scorers: Rachel Pearson 3, Charlotte Mcmahon 2, Vicki Sayers 2, Louise McCallum 2, Jenny Willett 1, Louise Gibb 1, Chrissy Pilcher 1.
Worthing 5, Weymouth 2.
An uncompromising and unpleasant match which was weakly refereed and as a result over physical.
Our girls were severely provoked by the opposition team who had decided to stop our natural swimming game by any means. We were always in control thanks to a virtuoso display from Louise McCallum who scored all 5 goals. Less pleasant was the kick in the face received by Charlotte Mcmahon which resulted in a badly swollen lip.
Worthing 6, Southampton University "A" 4.
The final was a tense affair but we were never behind and always looked the likely winners.
Goals from Charlotte and Rachel gave us an early lead before the opposition scored just before the half time break. Rachel extended our lead again and two more from Louise (McCallum) made the game safe before the University girls scored twice late on.
Scorers: Louise McCallum 3, Rachel Pearson 2, Charlotte Mcmahon 1.
The remaining squad was as follows: Rebecca Anderson, Debbie Willett, Sian Fogerty. 
Special mention should be made of Debbie Willett who played in goal in the final in the absence of Emily Tilzey who is our normal keeper. It was also fantastic to see our large and noisy band of supporters who cheered the girls on throughout.
Finally, the trophy was collected by the "team junior" Sian Fogerty and we hope to defend it in a years time.

Match Review


This is a report of Sussex County Under 16 Tournament.

St Bedes School.

This was the last of four tournaments played in the county this year.

Our youngsters remained unbeaten throughout and have therefore secured the County under 16 title.

On Sunday we were due to play two matches against Hailsham and Bexhill but the non appearance of Brighton gave us a chance to play two further matches with our unofficial "B" team. We were able to do this because we had 15 players available on the day which is an excellent indication of the depth of our under 16 squad. Interestingly, we have other youngsters available who were not selected for Sunday and it is worth noting that only 2 of the current squad will move out of this age group next year.

Worthing 6 Hailsham 0.

A fine performance against the home team, it was particularly pleasing to keep a clean sheet.

After a goalless first quarter we took control and only some wasteful finishing kept the winning margin down to the 6 goal margin.

Scorers: Ziggy Tate 2, Dan Gibb 2, Elliot Ellison 1, Tim Brazier 1.

Worthing 17 Bexhill 2.

This was a good performance against our young and inexperienced opponents. The difference between the two teams indicated how hard the squad has been working over the past few months and the improvement in the play was self evident.

It looked for a while that we might record our second clean sheet but the enthusiastic opposition scored 2 late goals.

Scorers: Dan Gibb 6, Ziggy Tate 3, Stuart Stirling 2, Kevin Chan 2, Elliot Ellison 2, Dominic Cranford 1, Tim Brazier 1.

For the record, the 2 "B" team matches resulted in a 6-2 win against Bexhill and a very creditable 4-1 defeat against Hailsham. All the younger squad members played extensively in these two games which was an excellent opportunity for them all to gain some further match practice.

Squad: Tim Brazier, Dan Gibb, Ziggy Tate, Rob Osborne, Joel Abbott, Stuart Stirling, Kevin Chan, Elliot Ellison, Sian Fogerty, Dominic Cranford, Sam Abbott, Luke Helmer, Sam Maloney, Jade Boiling, Alexander Cranford.     


Match Review


Following are details of the girls match played on Monday night.

Surrey University 4, Worthing 11.

This was an interesting match played at the Spectrum centre in Guildford where several of our younger girls played their first competitive match for Worthing.

We made the decision to play only four of our established girls with Emily Tilzey playing in goal along with the experienced Vicki Sayers, Rebecca Anderson and Sian Fogerty available outfield.

The remainder of the squad of 10 made their competitive debut for the team and all of them played their part in an encouraging display.

The first quarter was a close affair with Emily making several good saves before Vicki scored twice and Becky once to give us a 3-1 lead.

The second quarter was a closer affair finishing 2-2 with our goals from Wania Scott and another from Becky.

The third quarter saw Worthing take a commanding lead with the superior level of fitness beginning to make a significant difference. Three quick goals on breakaways from Sian and one from Emma Piper put the team in total control.

The final period was saw our lead extended with further goals from Emma and Becky. Vicki had taken over in goal with Emily out on pitch marshalling the defence.

All the team seemed to enjoy this match and it was very encouraging to see how well all of the younger girls played.

Scorers: Rebecca Anderson 3, Sian Fogerty 3, Vicki Sayers 2, Emma Piper 2, Wania Scott 1.

Quarter Scores: 3-1, 2-2, 4-1, 2-0.

Remaining Squad: Emily Tilzey, Rachel Piper, Jade Boiling, Navada Phouang, Viyada Phouang.



Match Review


Sussex Senior League.

Haywards Heath "B" 12, Worthing 21.

Another strange match in this years county competition.

The most remarkable aspect of this game was the individual efforts of Richard Hooper and Paul Phillpott who both scored 9 times. Richard also managed to score his second left handed goal in consecutive matches much to the amusement of his team mates.

We were in control of this match for long periods but with the notable exception of the 3rd quarter when a combination of wasteful finishing and poor defending let our opponents back into the match. A strong display in the final period saw a comfortable winning margin which reflected the difference between the two teams.

Scorers: Richard Hooper 9, Paul Phillpott 9, Andy Cawdary 1, Adrian Irbe 1, Dave Hoad 1.

Major Fouls: Adrian Irbe 2, Andy Parkin 1, Ben Alcorn 1.

Remaining Squad: Anthony Gray, Ben Brazier, Jon Gray, Alastair Roberts.

Match Review


Sussex Senior Knock Out.

Hastings 0+6 handicap, Worthing 13.

This was a strange encounter for a number of reasons.

It was the first match that anyone could remember when we completed a "shut out" and didn't concede even 1 goal. Also, no Worthing player was excluded for any major fouls, again a very unusual occurrence. Finally, Richard Hooper scored with a left handed shot but missed a penalty moments later.

Matches at Hastings are never easy affairs with it being our longest trip of the county season to a shallow and narrow pool against opposition who are always awkward opponents. This match was also a potential problem with several of our squad unavailable and with a 6 goal handicap, based on last years league positions, to overcome.

As it turned out we were always in control of the match and particularly pleasing was the standard of our defensive play which limited our opponents to a small number of chances. The small number of shots were dealt with by goalkeeper Ben Alcorn who did manage a number of good saves in his "clean sheet."

Scorers: Richard Hooper 6, Scott Orchard 2, Dave Hoad 2, Adrian Irbe 1, Andy Cawdary 1, Anthony Gray 1.

Remaining Squad: Andy Parkin, Ben Alcorn, Jon Gray, Alastair Roberts.



Match Review


Following is a report of last nights ladies match at Basingstoke.

Basingstoke Ladies 6, Worthing Ladies 8.

The Worthing girls continued their unbeaten run this year with a satisfactory victory against the Hampshire based opposition.

The match was played at the excellent deep water pool at the Basingstoke Aquadrome and our girls put an excellent show against the older and more experienced opposition.

The first quarter was a tentative affair ending 0-0 but the Worthing team were guilty of missing several good chances to take the lead.

The second period saw Worthing take a commanding 3-0 lead with Louise Gibb somewhat surprisingly opening the scoring, followed by further goals from Charlotte Macmahon and Rachel Pearson.

The third quarter saw 3 more Worthing goals with Rachel scoring twice and Jenny Willett also finding the back of the net.

Basingstoke were struggling to cope with our girls strong counter attacking play but they did manage to get back into the match with two goals before the end of the period.

The final quarter saw Basingstoke get themselves further back into the match winning the period 4-2 but the final result was never really in doubt. Charlotte and Rachel added our two goals but unfortunately the team was unable to take advantage of the three "extra man" situations when the opposition had players excluded for committing major fouls.

This was a very encouraging performance from our young team whose average age is under 18. All members of the squad played well but I would make special mention of Sian Fogerty who made her debut for our women's team at 14 years of age. She played well throughout and might have scored if she had shown a little more confidence in front of goal. Sian, along with Rebecca Anderson who played in this match will play in our junior girls (under 18) team that is entered in the London Winter League starting in January. We are fortunate to have several younger girls at the club who have just started playing water polo and hopefully many of them will go on to represent the club and Southern district in years to come.

Match Statistics:

Quarter Scores: 0-0, 3-0, 3-2, 2-4.

Scorers: Rachel Pearson 4, Charlotte Macmahon 2, Jenny Willett 1, Louise Gibb 1.

Exclusions: Christine Pilcher 1.

Extra Man Plays 3, Conversion rate 0.

Man Down Plays 1, Success rate 0.

Remaining Squad: Emily Tilzey (GK), Rebecca Anderson, Sian Fogerty, Vicky Sayers.

Coach: Richard Hooper.



Match Review


This is a report of today's under 16 tournament played at St Bedes school.

Worthing were due to play against teams from Bexhill and Brighton at this event but unfortunately neither club could raise a side because of the start of the half term holiday.

As a result of this it was decided that we would play two "friendly" matches against Hailsham and Haywards Heath.

We had also been hit by a number of players being unavailable including Rob Osborne, Dominic Cranford, Stuart Stirling and Tim Brazier all who have been involved with our London League campaign throughout the summer.

This did mean that we were able to include some of our less experienced youngsters which will have given them some valuable water time in competitive matches.

Match 1. Hailsham 6, Worthing 3.

A very competitive match against the home club, the Worthing youngsters were always behind and gave too many avoidable goals away. At 3-4 down at the start of the final quarter it looked as though we might get back in the game, but a penalty and a break away goal ended any hopes of a comeback.

Scorers: Ziggy Tate 2, Elliot Ellison 1.

Major Fouls: Dan Gibb 1.

Match 2. Worthing 6, Haywards Heath 5.

Another close match which we really should have won more easily. A poor performance in the first three quarters saw Worthing trail 3-5 going into the final period but quick goals from Elliot, Kevin and Dan saw us win by the narrowest of margins.

Scorers: Dan Gibb 3, Ziggy Tate 1, Elliot Ellison 1, Kevin Chan 1.

Major Fouls: Elliot Ellison 2, Kevin Chan 1, Sam Abbott.

Remaining squad members: Joel Abbott, Sian Fogerty, Jade Boiling, Luke Helmer, Sam Maloney, Rianna Poppeliers.

Overall, the team we had playing under performed on the day but our expectations are now so much higher because of the progress that has been made in a relatively short period. I would however, make exceptions of Jade Boiling, who played with great determination and no little skill even though she has not been playing long and also Rianna Poppeliers who made an encouraging debut having only started playing very recently. Both show a huge amount of promise if they continue to work hard.



Match News


Congratulations should go to Ziggy Tate and Dan Gibb who both played in the Sussex team that won the Southern Counties under 16 tournament played ay Crowborough last Sunday.

Also selected was Tim Brazier but he was unable to play as a result of breaking a finger playing rugby.

Sussex won all their matches at this event against teams from Surrey, Kent, Middlesex, Essex and Hampshire.



Match Review


Sussex Senior League.

Brighton 9, Worthing 13.

This was an entertaining affair played at the Prince Regent which the Worthing seniors were always in control of. The final score was probably a little closer than it might have been as the team contrived to miss many chances throughout the match.

All the squad experienced a good amount of water time and a special mention should be made of Jon Gray, who remarkably managed to score twice on his forays forward from his normal defensive duties!

Worthing Scorers: Richard Hooper 5 (including 2 penalties), Scott Orchard 3, Dave Hoad 2, Jon Gray 2, Andy Cawdary 1.

Major Fouls: Anthony Gray.

Remaining Squad: Ben Alcorn, Ben Brazier, Andy Parkin, Markian Polovyi.



Match Review


This is the update on today's matches.

I was really pleased with all the efforts but without Richard's help (he's away playing National League), it's hard work!

London League Under 15 Championship.

Whitgift School, Croydon.

This was the final tournament of this summers championship and we knew that if we were to win the three scheduled matches we would be guaranteed the runners up position behind a strong Croydon Amphibians team.

Match 1. Worthing 8, Hailsham 0.

Quarter scores: 3-0, 1-0, 1-0, 3-0.

This was a satisfactory performance against our South coast rivals and we were in control throughout. We were particularly pleased with the strong defending which resulted in a clean sheet for goal keeper Joel Abbott.

Scorers: Ziggy Tate 4, Elliot Ellison 2, Dominic Cranford 1, Sam Maloney 1.

Match 2. Worthing 10, Chelmsford 5.

Quarter scores: 0-0, 2-1, 3-4, 5-0.

A cracking match that was close up to the start of the final period. This result indicated the amount of progress that the team has made and the squad really showed a desire not to be beaten. Everyone played well but Joel Abbott again made a number of good saves including a double stop early in the match which was good indication of his potential in this demanding position.

Scorers: Ziggy Tate 4, Dominic Cranford 2, Kevin Chan 2, Elliot Ellison 1, Rob Osborne 1.

Match 3. Worthing 9, Sutton and Cheam 5.

Quarter scores: 0-2, 4-1, 2-1, 3-1.

After a poor first period leaving us trailing 0-2, the team found their rhythm and eventually won fairly comfortably.

Strong performances in this match from Elliot Ellison who scored 4 goals from the centre forward position, and Rob Osborne who defended strongly and bravely having received a black eye in one of the previous matches. Sian Fogerty deserves a mention as the only female member of the squad, her tenacious play epitomised the spirit of the whole team.

Scorers: Elliot Ellison 4, Dominic Cranford 2, Ziggy Tate 2, Sam Abbott 1.

Remaining Squad at the tournament other than goal scorers: Sian Fogerty, Joel Abbott, Alex Cranford, Luke Helmer.

We then traveled back to Haywards Heath for the Sussex county junior league fixture.

Haywards Heath 4, Worthing 12.

This was an entertaining junior match which featured several of the under 15's who had played at Whitgift school.

The team were always in control of this match and the final score was a fair reflection of the difference between the two teams.

All the squad played their part in this win but I would like to make a special note of Nathan Hart who was playing what was probably his last junior match for Worthing before his departure to Loughborough university. Nathan has been an outstanding talent in both our junior and senior teams and we all wish him well in his time at university.

Scorers: Ben Brazier 3, Callum Fogerty 3, Ziggy Tate 2, Ben Alcorn 2, Nathan Hart 1, Dan Gibb 1.

Major Fouls: Stuart Stirling 3, Nathan Hart 2, Rob Osborne 1, Ben Alcorn 1, Louise Gibb 1, Dan Gibb 1.

Remaining Squad: Sian Fogerty, Kevin Chan, Elliot Ellison, Joel Abbott.



Match Review


Here is the report of last Wednesday's match.

Sussex Senior League.

Worthing 21, Hailsham 9.

This was an entertaining encounter at the Aquarena which finished with a comfortable win for the home team.

Hailsham are a fast improving young team which features 2 members of the GB youth squad along with three players who are part of the GB junior squad.

The Worthing seniors put on a strong display in the first quarter and scored some excellent goals resulting in a 6-1 advantage at the end of the period. The rest of the match never quite saw the same level of dominance but the final result was never in doubt.

Quarter Scores: 6-1, 4-4, 7-1, 4-3.

Worthing Scorers: Richard Hooper 7, Paul Phillpott 5, Markian Polovyi 3, Matt White 3, Andy Parkin 2, Scott Orchard 1.

Major Fouls: Markian Polovyi 3, Richard Hooper 2.

Remaining Squad: Ben Alcorn, Alastair Roberts, Dean Orchard, Ben Brazier, Andy Cawdary, Anthony Gray.



Match Review


Here is the report of last Wednesday's exciting junior match.

Sussex County Junior League.

Worthing 5, Haywards Heath 4.

This was a highly entertaining match in which the final result was in doubt right up to the final whistle.

The Worthing junior team continued with the policy of giving match experience to several of our current under 15 squad all who gained some valuable water time. Joel Abbott played his first under 19 match in goal and made some excellent saves indicating his potential in this demanding position. Ziggy Tate proved to be the match winner with 4 of the goals scored but he also missed chances that with a little more experience he will expect to score in the future.

This was a good advert for junior water polo in the county with both teams also including a number of girls all of who are involved with the various District and National squads.

Quarter Scores: 1-1, 1-0; 0-1, 3-2.

Worthing Scorers: Ziggy Tate 4, Ben Brazier 1.

Major Fouls: Rebecca Anderson 2, Ziggy Tate 1, Callum Fogerty 1, Louise Gibb 1, Ben Brazier 1.

Remaining Squad: Joel Abbott, Elliot Ellison, Ben Alcorn, Stuart Stirling, Rob Osborne, Kevin Chan, Dominic Cranford, Dan Gibb.

Finally, it was nice to see such a large and enthusiastic crowd at the match and Worthing can probably claim to be the best supported team in the county.



Match Review


It's been a while, but this is the latest news from the polo section.

Firstly, three of our boys attended the week long National academy at Millfield at the start of August. Ziggy Tate, Tim Brazier and Scott Martin enjoyed an intensive program which I am sure they will all benefit from. I am reliably informed that all the boys worked hard throughout the week and I'm sure they will be better players as a result of the experience.

Secondly, we played a rare match in August this week.

Senior Friendly:

Cranleigh 10, Worthing 14.

This was an entertaining encounter against our Surrey league opponents.

We were missing several of our established senior players but still managed to play some good quality water polo.

The goal scoring was dominated by Richard Hooper and Markian Polovyi who scored 11 of the 14 goals between the two of them. But the team all played well and we were deserved winners on the night.

Quarter Scores: 1-2, 4-1, 2-2, 7-5.

Worthing Scorers: Richard Hooper 6, Markian Polovyi 5, Nathan Hart 1, Dave Hoad 1, Jon Gray 1.

Major Fouls: Adrian Irbe 2, Andy Cawdary 1.

Remaining Squad: Anthony Gray, Ben Alcorn, Alastair Roberts.



Match Review


In Ali’s absence I have been given the task of submitting a match report for the game on Sunday.

SCASA Knockout Cup Final

Worthing 7, Penguin 19

This was always going to be a very tough game for us and we got exactly what we expected from one of the best teams in the country. They were very well drilled and took there chances when they were presented to them and the final score reflected the difference between the teams on the day.
Things were looking good for us in the first quarter when we took a 2-0 lead but that was as good as it got for us, by the end of the 1st quarter we were 3-2 down and they never looked back from then on and played some very impressive polo to run out comfortable winners.

The team never gave up and everyone should be pleased with the way that we performed against some quality opposition.

Scorers – Paul Phillpott 4, Scott Orchard 1, Matt White 1, Richard Hooper 1.

Major fouls – Markian Polovyi 1, Matt White 1, Scott Orchard 1, Nathan Hart 1, Paul Phillpott 1

Remaining squad – Andy Parkin, Andy Cawdry, Dave Hoad, Anthony Gray, Ben Alcorm

With thanks,


Match Review


This is the report of today's under 15 London League tournament at Watford.

The team played 2 matches as follows:

Worthing 7, Chelmsford 4.

This was a good performance against more than useful opponents and we were always in control.

Joel Abbott made some excellent saves in goal and the team generally played a good standard of water polo.

Scorers: Ziggy Tate 4, Elliot Ellison 2, Kevin Chan 1.

Major Foul: Rob Osborne.

Worthing 4, Croydon Amphibians 13.

This was always going to be a difficult match against the best team in the tournament who had also beaten us at the previous round. The squad put up good resistance but were always struggling to deal with oppositions counter attacking style.

Rob Osborne had a sound game marshalling the defence but all the squad will have gained valuable experience in this match.

Scorers: Ziggy Tate 2, Elliot Ellison 2.

Major Foul: Elliot Ellison.

Squad: Joel Abbott, Sam Abbott, Elliot Ellison, Rob Osborne, Sian Fogerty, Kevin Chan, Ziggy Tate, Sam Maloney, Luke Helmer.



Match Review


Sussex/Kent League.

Worthing 11, Bexley 10.

This was a bad tempered and over physical encounter which the referees struggled throughout to control.

The Worthing team was again missing several of our key players but the squad always led in the match. We were cruising to a seemingly comfortable win when Dave Hoad was excluded for brutality after a particularly unpleasant act of foul play by one of the opposition. His dismissal resulted in the team having to play for over 1 quarter with only 6 rather than 7 players.

At the end we hung on for the narrowest of victories which the team just about deserved.

Worthing Scorers: Paul Phillpott 5, Richard Hooper 2, Andy Cawdary 2, Dave Hoad 1, Tom Hamm 1,

Major Fouls: Dave Hoad 3, Markian Polovyi 3, Dean Orchard 1, Richard Hooper 1.

Remaining Squad: Alastair Roberts, Andy Parkin, Anthony Gray.



Match Review


Sussex Senior League.

Worthing 23, Haywards Heath "B" 5.

This was a comfortable win for our senior team even though we were missing several of our experienced players.

The team started the match well and within 5 minutes led by 6-0. Our visitors were never going to come back from such an early deficit and although they put up some spirited resistance, the final score was a fair reflection of the difference between the teams.

Quarter Scores: 7-3, 6-0, 5-1, 5-1.

Worthing Scorers: Richard Hooper 7, Paul Phillpott 4, Dave Hoad 4, Markian Polovyi 3, Ben Brazier 3, Dean Orchard 2.

Major Fouls: Adrian Irbe 2, Dean Orchard 1, Dave Hoad 1.

Remaining Squad: Ben Alcorn, Alastair Roberts, Anthony Gray.





Just a short note to tell you that the Senior team have today played in the British Army water polo tournament at the Aldershot 50 metre pool.

We finished as runners up on goal difference after the following results:

vs.. Invicta Marlins, drew 6-6.

vs.. Basingstoke, won 8-4.

vs.. The Army, won 6-1.

The crucial match was the first game against Invicta Marlins which could have gone either way. Unfortunately some wasteful finishing, particularly in the final few seconds, cost us the chance of a win and although we won our other remaining games we did so with a worse goal difference.

This was a good event to participate in particularly as it gives us a chance to play in an all deep full sized (30m) playing area.

Worthing Squad: Scott Orchard, Dean Orchard, Richard Hooper, Matt White, Markian Polovyi, Adrian Irbe, Andy Cawdary, Andy Parkin, Jon Gray, Anthony Gray, Paul Phillpott, Ben Alcorn, Alastair Roberts.



Match Review


It's been a busy period over the last three days. These are the necessary reports.
Sussex Junior League.
Brighton College 1, Worthing 26.
Our junior team cruised to a satisfactory win against an under strength and technically limited Brighton College team.
The Worthing youngsters played some good quality water polo and were always in complete control of the match.
Scorers: Ziggy Tate 5, Dan Gibb 5, Ben Brazier 5, Nathan Hart 3, Callum Fogerty 2 , Ben Alcorn 2, Tim Brazier 2, Rebecca Anderson 2.
Major Fouls: None.
Remaining squad: Stuart Stirling, Robert Osborne.

Sussex/Kent League.
Worthing 14, Beckenham 16.
In the latest match against the Senior teams from Kent, our seniors put up a fine display in this excellent match. Both teams feature many current national league players and as a result the match was always a high standard.
Worthing were unfortunately without some of our key players due to a variety of reasons but those who played put up a fine display and we led at the mid point. The second half saw our small squad tire but the result was in doubt up to the final whistle.
Scorers: Paul Phillpott 5, Matt White 4, Scott Orchard 2, Markian Polovyi 2, Andy Parkin 1.
Major Fouls: Markian Polovyi 3, Andy Cawdary 1, Matt White 1, Scott Orchard 1.
Remaining Squad: Ben Alcorn, Adrian Irbe, Dave Hoad, Alastair Roberts.

London League Under 15 Tournament.
Whitgift School, Croydon.
In the second tournament our youngsters played three matches as follows:
Watford. Won 16-3.
A good performance in the first match which resulted in a comfortable win.
Scorers: Ziggy Tate 8, Tim Brazier 4, Rob Osborne 2, Alex Cranford 1, Dominic Cranford 1.
Major Foul: Rob Osborne.
Croydon Amphibians. Lost 5-9.
This was tough match against the strongest team in this completion. We never recovered from a poor start when we conceded 4 quick goals. After this we matched our opponents and went on to score some good goals.
Scorers: Ziggy Tate 2, Dominic Cranford 2, Rob Osborne 1.
Major Fouls: none.
Sutton and Cheam. Won 9-4.
After a slow start our youngsters took control of this match and eventually ran out fairly comfortable winners. This was a good win against a club with a long history of successful junior polo.
Scorers: Dominic Cranford 5, Ziggy Tate 2, Tim Brazier 1, Luke Helmer 1.
Major Fouls: Rob Osborne.
Remaining Squad: Kevin Chan, Sian Fogerty.
All the squad played well at this event and although we are always reluctant to single out individuals I would make special mention of Dominic and Alexander Cranford. Between the two of them they shared the goalkeeping making some excellent saves. Dominic also scored a number of fine goals which illustrated his potential.



Congratulations should go to the following junior members who represented the South in the academy age group (1991/1992) inter districts at Millfield school last weekend.
Ziggy Tate and Tim Brazier played in the boys competition and both played well no little skill in this demanding competition.
Sian Fogerty played in the girls event and again played well in all the matches.
It is pleasing to see that we continue to produce players who are comfortable at this standard of play and we undoubtedly have other youngsters in this age group who could easily play at this level.

Match Review


Sussex Senior League.

Worthing 8, Brighton 6.

Having played so well in the previous match against National league Otter, this was a much poorer display against a well organized Brighton team.

Our seniors struggled to get going throughout the whole match with a combination of wasteful finishing and lack lustre defending always keeping the visitors in the match.

Although never behind in the match, the result was much closer than we would have expected and we hope for an improved display in the next fixture.

Scorers: Matt White 3, Scott Orchard 2, Richard Hooper 1, Markian Polovyi 1, Andy Cawdary 1.

Major Fouls: Dean Orchard 2, Richard Hooper 1, Markian Polovyi 1, Matt White 1.

Remaining Squad: Ben Alcorn, Andy Parkin, Adrian Irbe, Dave Hoad, Anthony Gray, Alastair Roberts.



Match Review


under 16 tournament played at St. Bedes school.

Worthing 7, Haywards Heath 1.

In this first match the Worthing youngsters were below their best but still eased to a comfortable victory against spirited opposition.

After we took an early lead, Haywards Heath equalized soon after and we found it difficult to score the goals to make the game safe. Eventually the team took control and eased to a fairly satisfactory victory.

Scorers: Dan Gibb 3, Ziggy Tate 2, Rob Osborne 2.

Major Fouls: None.

Worthing 5, Hailsham 4.

As the score suggests, this was a close encounter and with the team again below par we recorded a slightly fortunate victory.

The biggest problem was the number of chances that we contrived to miss and with better finishing the match should have been wrapped up before the mid point.

The match was finally decided late in the fourth quarter after Hailsham had equalized at 4-4. On the resumption in play we called a time out and then scored shortly after the restart resulting in a win by the narrowest of margins.

Scorers: Dan Gibb 2, Tim Brazier 1, Elliot Ellison 1, Ziggy Tate 1.

Major Fouls: Tim Brazier 1.

Remaining Squad: Joel Abbott, Sam Abbott, Sian Fogerty, Jade Boiling.

The two victories were achieved without several of our squad who had other commitments on the day. Special mention should be made of Joel Abbott who finally made his debut in goal after recovering from a broken shoulder. I am sure this will be the first of many successful appearances for Joel in this demanding position.



Match Review


Worthing Under 16's 10, SCASA Youth Girls 11.

This match was arranged at short notice but was an excellent opportunity for our young team to gain some match practice in the excellent deep water pool at Crowborough.

The youngsters put up a fine display against the older girls team and it was particularly pleasing to see the quality of some of their play. SCASA girls led 3-2 at the end of the first quarter but by half time our youngsters had edged into a 6-4 advantage. The girls again hit back in the third period to lead 8-7 and the fourth quarter could have gone either way with the girls hanging on for a win by the narrowest of margins.

This was an excellent advert for junior water polo and it was good to see such a large crowd of parents and supporters watching.

Worthing Scorers: Dan Gibb 4, Stuart Stirling 2, Tim Brazier 2, Rob Osborne 1, Ziggy Tate 1.

Major Fouls: Dan Gibb 2, Tim Brazier 1.

Remaining Squad: Sam Abbott, Alex Cranford, Elliot Ellison, Kevin Chan, Luke Helmer, Sam Maloney, Dominic Cranford, Jade Boiling.

Finally, congratulations should go to Rebecca Anderson who played really well for the SCASA girls scoring 4 goals.



Match Review


Southern Counties Senior Knock Out Cup.

Worthing 10, Otter 3.

This was probably the best result for our senior mens team in many years, recording a stunning victory against the London based team that has just been promoted to the first division of the National league.

Although Otter were not at full strength, they still bought a team to the Aquarena full of experience of national competition and undoubtedly would have started the match as favorites.

Worthing were only behind twice in the match, conceding the first goal after only 27 seconds before equalising, and then going behind 2-1 before drawing level again. From this point we started to take control of the match and at the end of the first quarter we had moved to a 4-2 lead. Quarter 2 was also a tight affair but by the mid point our lead had been extended to 6-3.

The third period was probably the crucial phase of the match with Otter trying hard to get back into the match but Worthing again defending well and scoring two excellent goals.

Quarter 4 was another clean sheet for the home team with our tiring visitors being frustrated by some excellent goalkeeping from Ben Alcorn, the match was put beyond doubt by goals from Richard Hooper and Matt White.

This was an excellent win, the final is due to be played in a couple of weeks and we will play either Basingstoke or Hammersmith Penguin.

Quarter scores: 4-2, 2-1, 2-0, 2-0.

Scorers: Richard Hooper 2, Matt White 2, Scott Orchard 2, Paul Phillpott 2, Dave Hoad 1, Nathan Hart 1.

Major Fouls: Dave Hoad 2, Adrian Irbe 1, Matt White 1, Ben Brazier 1.

Remaining squad: Ben Alcorn, Anthony Gray, Markian Polovyi, Andy Parkin, Alastair Roberts.



Match Review


Sussex Senior League.

Crawley 6, Worthing 16.

In the latest match of this years county championship, the Worthing senior team recorded a satisfactory victory at Crawley.

This was a particularly pleasing result as the team was missing many of our established players including Scott Orchard, Dean Orchard, Paul Phillpott, Nathan Hart, Jon Gray and Matt White.

The result indicated our strength in depth and the special mention should be made of Richard Hooper who scored 10 of the 16 goals.

In contrast, the next fixture will undoubtedly be a more demanding affair against National league first division Otter from London in the SCASA inter club championship. The match is being played at the Aquarena on Wednesday 1st June with a 9.00pm start.

Worthing scorers: Richard Hooper 10, Markian Polovyi 2, Ben Brazier 2, Alastair Roberts 1, Andy Cawdary 1.

Major fouls: Markian Polovyi 2, Richard Hooper 1, Anthony Gray 1.

Remaining squad: Andy Parkin, Dave Hoad, Ben Alcorn.



Match Review


Sussex/Kent Senior League.

Worthing 24, Sevenoaks 5.

In the second match of our campaign in the new Kent/Sussex league the Worthing senior team cruised to a comfortable win against a disappointing Sevenoaks.

We were missing both Paul Phillpott, whose goals the previous week in the tight match with Hythe had proved decisive, and junior goalkeeper Ben Alcorn who has put in some fine performances so far this year.

Goal scoring duties were admirably taken by Richard Hooper and Matt White who remarkably scored 18 of the 24 goals between them. The goalkeeping was in the hands of Alastair Roberts who was pressed into action out of semi-retirement!

Special mention should be made of Tim Brazier and Ziggy Tate who both made their senior debuts in this match. Both played well and should be congratulated for their efforts.

Quarter Scores: 7-2, 6-0, 3-1, 8-2.

Worthing Scorers: Richard Hooper 9, Matt White 9, Scott Orchard 2, Nathan Hart 2, Ben Brazier 2.

Major Fouls: Dean Orchard 3, Tim Brazier 2, Andy Cawdary 1, Nathan Hart 1, Ben Brazier 1.

Remaining Squad: Alastair Roberts, Andy Parkin, Ziggy Tate, Anthony Gray.



Match Review


Sussex Junior League.

Worthing 18, Brighton College 2.

The Worthing Junior team recorded an excellent victory against a physical Brighton College in the county league. The visitors approach led to them conceding 8 major fouls with our youngsters not being penalized with any exclusions.

Worthing dominated throughout and it was particularly pleasing to see several of our under 15's making significant contributions. Rebecca Anderson also had a fine match and scored with an excellent back handed shot.

Scorers: Dan Gibb 6, Ben Brazier 4, Ziggy Tate 2, Nathan Hart 2, Ben Alcorn 1, Stuart Stirling 1, Rebecca Anderson 1, Callum Fogerty 1.

Remaining squad: Elliot Ellison, Kevin Chan, Tim Brazier, Robert Osborne, Dominic Cranford.



Match Review


It's been a busy week and these are the reviews of the various matches.

1. Sussex Senior League.

Hailsham 8, Worthing 12.

Our senior team produced a satisfactory win in the difficult away match at Hailsham. Played in the small and shallow school pool at St Bedes, this is never an easy fixture against a young and well organised opposition.

The competitive edge to the match was illustrated by the 16 major fouls that were penalised by the inconsistent officials. Many more offences went unpunished but the team kept trying to play some good water polo and the final result was a fair reflection of the overall play.

All the team played well but junior Ben Alcorn had a particularly fine game in goal producing a string of saves at important moments.

Worthing Scorers: Richard Hooper 5, Matt White 3, Scott Orchard 2, Markian Polovyi 1, Nathan Hart 1.

Major Fouls: Scott Orchard 3, Jon Gray 2, Richard Hooper 2, Paul Phillpott 2.

Remaining Squad: Alastair Roberts, Anthony Gray, Andy Cawdary, Adrian Irbe.

2. Sussex/Kent Senior League.

Worthing 10, Hythe 8.

In our first match in the newly formed combined Sussex/Kent league played at the deep water pool at Crowborough, the Worthing seniors produced a remarkable comeback to record a narrow victory.

After a evenly fought first quarter, the match was leval at 3-3. The second period saw Hythe take command of the game to lead 7-3 and at the start of the fourth quarter we still trailed by 8-6.

The final period saw Worthing take command against a tiring opposition eventually taking the lead 9-8 with only 36 seconds left. A further goal just on the final whistle gave a slightly flattering appearance to a match that could have gone either way.

Worthing Scorers: Paul Phillpott 4, Andy Cawdary 1, Richard Hooper 1, Matt White 1, Scott Orchard 1, Dave Hoad 1, Andy Parkin 1.

Major Fouls: Richard Hooper 2, Andy Parkin 2, Scott Orchard 1, Dave Hoad 1, Ben Brazier 1.

Remaining Squad: Alastair Roberts, Dean Orchard, Ben Alcorn.

3. London League (1991+ younger age group) Tournament 1.

Whitgift School, Croydon.

For the first time for many years we have entered a team in the under 15 age group of the London league. This was the first of four tournaments when we will play teams from Watford, Chelmsford, Sutton and Cheam, Croydon Amphibians and Hailsham. At this first event we played two matches as follows:

Worthing 9, Watford 1.

An excellent start to our campaign against an enthusiastic but limited opposition.

Scorers: Ziggy Tate 3, Robert Osborne 2, Tim Brazier 2, Stuart Stirling 2.

Major Fouls: None.

Worthing 9, Hailsham 2.

A good performance against our Sussex opposition. All the squad played well and the final score was a fair reflection of our dominance.

Scorers: Ziggy Tate 5, Robert Osborne 2, Kevin Chan 2.

Major fouls: Stuart Stirling.

Remaining squad: Sam Abbott, Sam Maloney, Luke Helmer.

We were particularly pleased with the teams performance as we were without several members of the squad. Hopefully we will be back to full strength for the next event in a few weeks time.



Match Review


Sussex Senior Knock Out.

Brighton 8+4 handicap=12, Worthing 19.

In the opening match of our county program, the Worthing senior team eased to a comfortable victory at the Prince Regent pool.

The county knock out competitions are run on a handicap based on the previous seasons league positions and as a result of this we had to over come a 4 goal deficit. This was immediately compounded by our slow start which led to us conceding the first goal. From this point the team found its rhythm and began to play some excellent water polo with the home team struggling to cope with the dynamic Worthing attacking play.

This was a good victory, especially as we were missing the talents of Richard Hooper and Dean Orchard. Both will be returning for the busy period of matches over the coming weeks.

Worthing Scorers: Paul Phillpott 8, Matt White 5, Scott Orchard 4, Dave Hoad 2.

Major Fouls: Matt White 2, Adrian Irbe, Scott Orchard.

Remaining Squad: Ben Alcorn, Ben Brazier, Andy Parkin, Markian Polovyi, Nathan Hart, Alastair Roberts.

Sussex Under 16 Tournament

St Bedes School Sunday 8th May.

In the first of four tournaments that will be played at St Bedes, the Worthing youngsters recorded two victories.

Playing firstly against a young and very inexperienced Bexhill team, our team eased to satisfactory 19-1 victory. All the members of our squad of 12 played for significant periods and will have gained some valuable experience.

The second match was against a physically stronger Brighton team who had also won their first match at the tournament.

Worthing took the lead at 1-0 and 2-1 only for the opposition to equalize and send the match in the final quarter tied at 2-2.

A strong finish saw our youngsters record an eventual 6-2 victory.

All the squad played well but I would particularly praise Sam Abbott who played in goal in the absence of his injured older brother Joel and he produced a number of good saves particularly in the Brighton match.

Next Sunday the team is playing in the London league at Whitgift school Croydon which will be an interesting indication of the progress that they are making.

Statistics v Bexhill.

Scorers: Stuart Stirling 5, Ziggy Tate 3, Tim Brazier 2, Rob Osborne 2, Dan Gibb 2, Dominic Cranford 2, Kevin Chan 1, Elliott Ellison 1, Sam Maloney 1.

Major Fouls: None.

Statistics v Brighton.

Scorers: Dan Gibb 5, Ziggy Tate 1.

Major Fouls: Dan Gibb, Elliott Ellison.

Remaining Squad: Sam Abbott, Alexander Cranford, Luke Helmer.





A little bit more information for you.

Congratulations should go to Ben Alcorn, Nathan Hart and Ben Brazier who represented Sussex county in today's SCASA inter county championships at Crowborough.

The Sussex squad played well and were deserved runners up to an excellent Kent team who eventually won a hard fought final 6-3.

Ben Alcorn played well in goal and also had the honour of captaining the team.



Match Review


Two match reports follow:

Sussex Junior League.

Worthing 6, Hailsham 8.

This was as good a Junior match that had been played in the county for many years and the result was in doubt until the final two minutes.

Hailsham arrived at the aquarena with four of their squad currently involved with the National squad, two in the under 18's and two in the under 16's.

The Worthing juniors put up a terrific performance against their talented opponents and in the first quarter recovered from an early 3-0 deficit to score 2 goals before the end of the period.

The second quarter saw Hailsham ease ahead to lead 5-3 at half time but in the third period the Worthing youngsters put up an excellent performance to tie the game at 5-5.

The final quarter was a nervous affair with both teams squandering chances to win the match. Hailsham eventually took the lead at 6-5 but Nathan Hart produced a goal from a hotly disputed direct free throw to tie the game with under three minutes remaining.

Hailsham scored two late goals to win the match which on the balance of play they deserved, but it was a close run contest and all our players deserve great credit for their efforts.

Worthing scorers: Nathan Hart 5, Ben Brazier 1.

Major Fouls: Scott Martin 2, Callum Fogerty 2, Nathan Hart 1, Tim Brazier 1.

Remaining Squad: Ben Alcorn, Emily Tilzey, Rachel Pearson, Ziggy Tate, Robert Osborne, Dan Gibb.

Finally, it was nice to see such a large number of supporters at the match who all seemed to enjoy the spectacle. We all hope to see everyone back at future games.

Sussex Junior League.

Crawley 1, Worthing 23.

Two days later the team played a very different game at Crawley which was always a one sided affair.

Against enthusiastic but technically limited opposition our youngsters put on a good performance and we took the chance to give extended pool time to some of our talented youngsters. Rob Osborne and Elliot Ellison both played for long periods and will have gained valuable experience. In the final quarter we had all of the six outfield players made up of under 16's and they all played exceptionally well.

Worthing scorers: Ben Brazier 7, Nathan Hart 4, Dan Gibb 3, Ziggy Tate 2, Scott Martin 2, Ben Alcorn 1, Elliot Ellison 1, Tim Brazier 1, Rob Osborne 1, Callum Fogerty 1.

Major Fouls: Scott Martin 2, Dan Gibb 1.



Match Review


Ladies Friendly.

Basingstoke 6 Worthing 16.

The Worthing ladies team proved too strong for our Hampshire opponents in this friendly match played at the all deep Basingstoke Aquadrome pool.

Playing against a ladies team that regularly competes in the London league, the Worthing team only featured 4 senior players in the squad of 11 and the superior fitness of our young team led to several goals being scored on the counter attack.

After a slightly slow start in the first quarter the girls soon found their rhythm and comfortably won all the periods of the match.

All the girls played well but a special mention should be made of Ruth Pearson, younger sister of Rachel, who played for us in this match, while visiting from her home in the USA. Ruth had a good game on her Worthing debut, we hope she might be available for future fixtures, but the traveling to matches may prove to be slightly prohibitive!

Quarter Scores: 4-2, 3-1, 3-1, 3-1, 3-1.

Goal scorers: Mel Hart 6, Rachel Pearson 3, Louise Gibb 2, Rebecca Anderson 2, Christine Pilcher 1, Hannah Chiltern 1, Ruth Pearson 1.

Major Foul: Vicki Sayers.

Remaining squad: Emily Tilzey (GK), Jenny Willett, Debbie Willett.



Match Review


Senior Friendly.

Worthing 19, Cranleigh 9.

This was an entertaining start to the season against Surrey and London league opposition.

Our senior team were always in control, particularly after an impressive first quarter which ended with a 6-2 lead.

All of the squad got a good workout during the game and it was nice to see strong performances from 3 of our current juniors.

Nathan Hart had his normal steady game, Ben Alcorn made several good saves in goal and Ben Brazier made an encouraging debut in the senior team.

Quarter scores: 6-2, 3-2, 4-2, 3-3.

Worthing scorers: Matthew White 5, Paul Phillpott 5, Richard Hooper 4, Markian Polovyi 2.

Major fouls: Andy Cawdary 1, Richard Hooper 1, Nathan Hart 1, Markian Polovyi 1.

Remaining squad: Ben Alcorn, Jon Gray, Dean Orchard, Ben Brazier, Dave Hoad, Anthony Gray.

On a different note, congratulations should go to Rebecca Anderson who has been selected to represent the South at this weekends 1989/1990 inter district championships which are being played at Grantham.



Fixture for 2005

Posted on 16 March 2005

Here is the fixture list for 2005

Alastair Roberts
Water Polo Secretary