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2015 Water Polo News Archive

Worthing Boys in inter county tournament


I thought that we should give a mention on the website(s) to the Worthing boys who recently played for Sussex in the under 14 inter county tournament at Whitgift School.
Akos Hausnecht, Josh Coulson, Jamie Bond, Matty Smith and Ben Bolton played for Sussex as part of a very young squad who will undoubtedly have gained a great deal from the experience.
I have attached a picture of the full squad.

Kind regards,


Photo of BWL Championships 1 weekend at Guildford



Match report


This is the report of the 4th weekend of the 2015/2016 British Water Polo League season.

Having enjoyed a very successful first phase of the competition playing for the first time in the clubs history in division 2, we travelled to Guildford for the first matches in the second half of the season.
The team are now playing in "Championship 1" which consists of the top five teams from division 2 being joined by the bottom 3 from the top division. As a result we realized that we would face some very tough games but all of the squad were really looking forward to the challenge.
We were also very much looking forward to playing at the Surrey Sport Part complex which is the nearest venue that we have ever appeared at since we joined the BWPL. These are the individual match reports:

Saturday 5th December, 14.35.
Worthing 7, Caledonia 14.
Quarter scores: 4-5, 2-4, 1-3, 0-2.

Caledonia are one of the first division teams that are now part of the second phase and I think that everyone realised that this game would be a real challenge.
We started the game well and took the lead early on but the first quarter saw the teams trading goals with Caledonia taking the lead just before the end of the period. Our normally reliable defence was being put under great pressure and we were finding the speed of the Caledonia counter attack a constant threat, but we did carry a real threat in attacking positions.
The second quarter was another close affair but we were beginning to miss a number of chances that we really should have converted and this added to Caledonia's attacking play meant that we were under increasing pressure.
The second half of the match followed the same pattern and we were particularly wasteful at the start of the third quarter when we squandered several chances to get back into the match.
It was disappointing to lose the match but everyone recognised that we had played a decent team who are very fit and well organised. The final score was perhaps a slightly harsh reflection on our efforts but the squad realised that against better opposition you need to take your chances and also cut out a number of the unforced errors that we made.

Scorers: Shaun 3, Joao 2, Richard 1, Peter 1.
Exclusions: Tom 2, Joao 2, Toby 2, Nathan 2, Marc 1, Peter 1, Joe 1, Ben 1.

Sunday 6th December, 13.35
Worthing 10, Welsh Wanderers 11.
Quarter Scores 0-5, 4-3, 2-3, 4-0.

This was a really disappointing defeat which was down to a very poor first quarter which ended 0-5. It is little consolation knowing that we won the remainder of the match 10-6.
It's hard to know why we were so poor in the first period when we seemingly had forgotten our tactical plan and as a result gifted the opposition a number of "cheap" goals. Slowly but surely we began to play something like our normal standard and we kept chipping away at the deficit and we had a chance to score just before the end of the third period when the Welsh goalkeeper made a good save. Unfortunately the officials gave a goal throw and we conceded a controversial goal just before the period finished. Even though we we were 5 goals behind the team produced a fantastic effort to score 4 times without reply and we thought we had a chance to equalise after a time out with 20 seconds left. Unfortunately we didn't take the opportunity and as a result we lost by the narrowest margin.
All of the squad were annoyed that the poor first quarter display had cost us so dearly, but hopefully this will be another lesson learned.

Scorers: Shaun 3, Joe 3, Peter 2, Sam 1, Joao 1.
Exclusions: Tom Kane 3, Shaun 1, Joao 1, Toby 1, Nathan 1, Alastair 1.

Squad in full: Marc Guimera (g/k), Tom Kane, Sam Abbott, Richard Hooper, Peter Benedek, Shaun Hotchkiss, Joao Martins, Toby Underwood, Ziggy Tate, Joe Hazeldine, Ben Curtis, Nathan Hart, Jacob Nash (Saturday), Alastair Hardinge (Sunday).

Two defeats was obviously a disappointing return form the weekend but we will hopefully have learned some important lessons from both of the games. We knew that this phase of the competition was going to be challenging and none of the matches will be easy but at times we played a good standard and we had a number of encouraging individual performances.
We will make the long journey back to Lancaster early in January for the the next two matches and hopefully the experience gained this weekend will result in improved performances.
Finally, the two matches at Guildford were the final appearances for Shaun Hotchkiss before he returns to New Zealand and he has been a valuable member of the squad for the past two seasons.

Kind regards,


Match report


British Water Polo League Division 2.
Salt Ayre Leisure Centre, Lancaster.
7th/8th November 2015.

We made the long 600 + mile journey to Lancaster to play the final two fixtures in the first phase of the 2015 British Water Polo league second division.
Having won three of the first five matches we knew that one further win would secure a top five finish in the first phase and with it the opportunity to play in Championship 1 in the second phase of the competition.
We faced tough games against Welsh Wanderers and Sutton & Cheam who both also had a chance of a top 5 finish and this would result in two very competitive matches.
Once again we were able to field a full squad of 13 which has proved to be a crucial part of playing in the full size 30 metre playing area.
These are the individual match reports:

Saturday 7th November, 14.30
Worthing 14, Welsh Wanderers 8.
Quarter scores: 3-1, 3-1, 4-3, 4-3.

We fell behind early on but we soon equalised and by the end of the first period we had built a 3-1 lead. By halftime we had extended the advantage to 6-2 and we were in control of the match.
The success was structured around a very disciplined defence which we had developed to deal with the outstanding Welsh forward player. The tactic worked well for long periods and all of the squad worked hard to deny the opposition many chances to score.
Our attacking play was of a good standard and Shaun had a particularly productive match scoring 5 times but all of the squad worked hard to create the opportunities.
This was a match that we controlled well and it was good to see Ben Curtis score his first national league goal after a swift counter attack.
Overall this was good win that confirmed our top five finish which was an excellent achievement with 1 match remaining.

Scorers: Shaun 5, Richard 2, Joao 2, Peter 2, Joe 1, Ben 1, Ziggy 1.
Exclusions: Toby 3, Tom 2, Nathan 2, Ben 2, Richard 1, Shaun 1, Joao 1.

Sunday 8th November, 11.20
Worthing 6, Sutton & Cheam 5.
Quarter scores: 1-0, 1-1, 3-3, 1-1.

The match against Sutton was always going to be a tough affair with the opposition needing a win to make the top 5 and this definitely proved to be the case.
It was a tight match with the defences generally on top and once again our zonal system frustrated the opposition for long periods. Marc was as reliable as ever in goal making a number of saves but we limited the number of opportunities that Sutton created.
We never played at our best in attack and we struggled to break down a very physical Sutton defence but we really should have made more of the opportunities that we created. The match reached an exciting climax in the final quarter and Tom scored a good goal to extend our lead to 6-4 with just over two minutes remaining but Sutton soon scored to reduce the deficit. We defended well for the remaining time and we secured a very hard fought victory.

Scorers: Peter 3, Joe 2, Tom 1.
Exclusions: Joao 2, Nathan 2, Tom 1, Joe 1.

Squad in full: Marc Guimera (g/k), Tom Kane, Toby Underwood, Sam Abbott, Richard Hooper, Nathan Hart, Shaun Hotchkiss, Peter Benedek, Joe Hazeldine, Ben Curtis, Jacob Nash, Joao Martins and Ziggy Tate.

This was another good weekend for us and we should be very pleased that we have finished in 3rd position in the first phase. We now look forward to playing in Championship where we play against the other 4 qualifiers from division 2 along with the bottom 3 from division 1.
Lancaster is a long way to travel but as previously mentioned we had a full squad of 13 and we also had a large number of friends and family who offered great support.
We will start the Championship 1 campaign over the weekend of 5th/6th December at Guildford which we be the closest venue that we have played at since our entry into the national league and we are hoping that we will again have a large number of supporters.

Kind regards,


Match report


Sussex County Knock Out.
Wednesday 4th November 2015, K2 Crawley.
Crawley 3 + 4 handicap = 7, Worthing 16.
Quarter Scores: 1-4, 1-4, 0-3, 1-5

We travelled to K2 for the second time in two weeks having won the league match on the previous visit.
On this occasion the match was in the county knock-out competition which has a handicap based on the previous seasons league positions.
The four goal handicap could have made the match fairly awkward, but we put on a dominant display in the first quarter and as a result we only trailed by one goal.
Our defence frustrated the opposition for long periods and we only allowed Crawley to create a small number of chances. When called upon, Ben made a number of good saves but the opposition never came to terms with our defensive tactics.
In attack we always looked dangerous and we probably should have scored more goals, but we missed a number of fairly simple chances. Our counter attack always caused Crawley problems and they struggled to deal with the speed and directness of our play.
This was a satisfactory win for the squad and we make the long trip to Lancaster this weekend for the next round of matches in division 2 of the British Water Polo League.

Scorers: Shaun 6, Peter 4, Joe 4, Matt 1, Jacob 1.
Exclusions: Richard 2, Peter 2.
Squad in full: Ben Alcorn (g/k), Adrian Irbe, Matt White, Richard Hooper, Peter Benedek, Shaun Hotchkiss, Sam Abbott, Joe Hazeldine, Jacob Nash, Ben Curtis, Ziggy Tate & Alastair Hardinge.

Kind regards,


Match report


This is a quick report on the latest match of the 2015 Sussex county league season.
Unfortunately the match sheet was not available after the game so the following is from memory and lacks the normal detail!

Sussex County League, Wednesday 21st October 2015.
Crawley 8, Worthing 19.

Our final fixture of the 2015 county league championship was potentially a difficult match away at the K2 leisure centre in Crawley.

The home team have improved over the years and although we were missing a number of squad members we put on a commanding performance to secure a comfortable win.

We dominated at the start of the match and Ziggy scored the opening goal with only a few seconds played. By the end of the first quarter we led 6-0 and the match was never in doubt from that point. It was 11-0 at half time and we relaxed in the second half and as a result conceded a number of scrappy goals.

This win completed a 100% record in the county league and as a result we have retained the league title for another year.

Squad at Crawley: Ben Alcorn (g/k), Richard Hooper, Alastair Hardinge, Adrian Irbe, Ben Curtis, Robbie Scott, Joe Hazeldine, Peter Benedek, Ziggy Tate and Joao Martins.

Kind regards,


Match report


This is the report from the second weekend of the 2015/2016 BWPL season.

The squad travelled to the Hengrove Leisure Centre in Bristol for the second weekend in division 2 of the British water polo league.
Having won and lost 1 match at the first event we realised that the 3 game program at Bristol would be hugely significant in how our season develops.
We were pleased to travel with a full squad of 13 players which is so important when you are playing in the full sized 30 metre playing area, and our ability to utilize fresh players from the bench is proving to be a significant advantage.

These are the individual match reports:

Saturday 10th October, 14.20.
Worthing 2, Solihull 8.
Quarter Scores: 1-2, 0-1, 0-4, 1-1.

A disappointing way to start the weekend and although we defended well for most of the game we really struggled to create many chances against a very well organised and physical opposition.
We played pretty well in the first two quarters but our inability to develop the attacking aspect of our game meant that we never really looked like taking something from this match.
Unfortunately when we did make an opportunity to score we often found the Solihull goalkeeper in good form and to have any chance of taking something from this match we needed to be more clinical in front of goal.

Scorers: Shaun 1, Alastair 1.
Exclusions: Richard 3, Joao 2, Joe 2, Shaun 1, Sam 1, Alastair 1.

Sunday 11th October, 08.30.
Worthing 15, Manchester Hawks 1.
Quarter Scores: 4-0, 3-1, 3-0, 5-0.

No one likes playing in the early start time on a Sunday morning but we knew that our game against Manchester Hawks was a match that we really needed to win.
The Hawks are a young and very fit team and we realised that we would need to impose our game plan to hopefully secure a win. Our change of tactics proved to be decisive, and our pressing game completely dominated the opposition limiting them to a relatively small number of chances.
Our counter attack always posed a threat and a very strong first quarter set the tone for the remainder of the match.
The final score indicated how well we had played and we all realised how important it was to secure the win.

Scorers: Peter 4, Joe 4, Shaun 2, Joao 1, Sam 1, Alastair 1.
Exclusions: Peter 2, Joe 2, Kevin 1, Richard 1, Joao 1, Toby 1, Alastair 1.

Sunday 11th October, 12.00.
Worthing 10, Croydon 4.
Quarter Scores;- 2-0, 2-1, 2-2, 4-1

We finished the weekend with an excellent win against a talented Croydon team which is definitely one our best performances in the BWPL.
We made another tactical change to try and stop the Croydon centre forward and all of the team worked incredibly hard to limit the influence he would have on the game.
The plan worked really well and we were again fortunate to have a 13 man squad which allowed us to play at a high tempo which Croydon found very hard to deal with.
The team also worked hard to create chances to score but we always looked the fitter team and as a result we carried a threat on the counter attack. We scored some really good goals but our defending was probably the crucial factor in such a crucial win. Marc was as reliable as ever in goal making good saves including an excellent penalty save.
This was a really good win for the squad, particularly taking into consideration that we had only had a two and a half hour break between the matches.

Scorers: Shaun 4, Richard 2, Joao 2, Ziggy 1, Sam 1.
Exclusions: Richard 2, Joao 2, Sam 2.

Squad in full: Marc Guimera (g/k), Kevin Chan, Jacob Nash, Richard Hooper, Peter Benedek, Shaun Hotchkiss, Joao Martins, Toby Underwood, Joe Hazeldine, Sam Abbott, Ben Curtis, Alastair Hardinge, Ziggy Tate.

Overall, we have to be pleased with two wins from the weekend at Bristol which should help us to maintain our position in the second tier of the BWPL. We have a nice balance in the squad of youth and experience and everyone is prepared to get in and work really hard for the team. As I mentioned in the report, we are also benefitting from having a full squad of thirteen at most matches and this gives us the opportunity to make regular substitutions with "fresh" players during each game.
The third tournament in the first phase of the season will see the squad make the very long journey north to Lancaster on the weekend of 7th/8th November.

Kind regards,


Match report


Having secured promotion to division 2 of the BWPL at the final tournament last season, we were looking forward to our first ever matches at this level.
We travelled to the familiar surroundings of Ponds Forge in Sheffield for the first round of fixtures and we were also looking forward to playing for the first time in the full sized 30 metre playing area.
These are the individual match reports:

Saturday 26th September, 19.25
Worthing 5, West London Penguin 4.
Quarter Scores: 2-0, 2-2, 0-1, 1-1.

As the score suggests, this was a tight match when both defences were on top but we always looked in control after we took a 2-0 lead in the first quarter.
Penguin are now a relatively young team and we were well aware of the swimming ability that they may contain on the counter attack, but we dealt well with this throughout the match.
We employed a zone defence throughout which frustrated the opposition for long periods and forced them to regularly shoot from distance, and the ever reliable Marc in goal dealt comfortably with most of the efforts. Our attacking play was not at it's sharpest but we still created enough good opportunities to win the match but all of the squad realise that we need to score more goals.
The game reached an exciting conclusion with both teams taking time outs in the final few minutes but we held a two goal advantage until 1 second from time when Penguin scored a late consolation. Fortunately we hade done enough to secure our first win in division 2.

Scorers: Shaun 2, Joe 1, Nathan 1, Alastair 1.
Exclusions: George 3, Joe 3, Toby 1.

Sunday 27th September, 13.15
Worthing 4, London Polytechnic 5.
Quarter Scores: 0-1, 1-1, 2-1, 1-2.

This was another really close game against one of the traditional "big" clubs in UK water polo who were only relegated from division 1 earlier this year and who recently played in the top 8 British Championships. We knew that this would be a tough game, but the squad put together a terrific performance and were ultimately very unlucky not to take something from the game. We frustrated Poly for log periods and Marc was again in fine form behind a well organised defence that played with great discipline.
Once again we struggled to create enough chances in attack but we did miss on a number of occasions when we really should have made more of the opportunities.
The match again had an exciting finish and although we trailed 5-3 at one point Richard scored with a well taken penalty that set up a very exciting finish. At only 1 goal behind and with 2 minutes left to play we defended the next Poly attack superbly and we called a timeout when we gained possession. We knew that the next attack would be crucial and we were denied the chance to equalise by a contentious refereeing decision that denied us a chance to score. Poly held on in the last few seconds and we were denied a positive result but the manner of the performance indicated that we should be competitive at this level.

Scorers: Shaun 2, Joe 1, Richard 1.
Exclusions: Nathan 3, Alastair 2, George 1, Richard 1, Joe 1.

Squad in full: Marc Guimera (g/k), Gregg Candy-Wallace, Ziggy Tate, George Wood, Richard Hooper, Nathan Hart, Shaun Hotchkiss, Ben Curtis, Jacob Nash, Joe Hazeldine, Alastair Hardinge, Toby Underwood.

This was a good weekend for the team and it has given us a really good indication of what we can expect in division 2. We coped fairly well with the larger playing area but we will undoutabley improve as we play more matches in the coming weeks.
The next BWPL weekend takes place at the Hengrove 50 metre pool in Bristol in two weeks time and we face a really busy program of three matches in the two days. We hope that we will be able to play with a strong team at what will obviously be a pivotal weekend.

Kind regards,


Worthing Juniors in the "Olympic hopefuls" tournament



Four Worthing Juniors have just spent the past few days in Sventes in Hungary playing in the annual "Olympic hopefuls" tournament.
Ben Curtis, Toby Underwood, Tom Kane and Joe Hazeldine were part of the Crystal Palace regional training centre team that took part in the event playing against teams from the home country and around Europe.
All the boys will have benefited a great deal from having played in this prestigious event and Ben Curtis had a particularly memorable tournament being named the teams most valuable player.

Kind regards,


Joe Hazeldine on international Duty


Joe is currently on international duty playing for England schools in Malta.

This is basically a 1997 age group GB squad and the team has won the first three fixtures and now face Malta in the final on Tuesday afternoon.

Joe was man of the match against South Africa and I have attached a review from the ASA website

Joe has worked really hard over the past few months and I'm not surprised that he is getting this type of excellent report.

Kind regards,


New Sponsorships


Report on our new sponsorship agreement with Roffey Homes.



Kind regards,


Match report


It's been a busy couple of days for the men's water polo squad with a match on Friday evening away at Brighton and the South-east region tournament at Splashpoint on Saturday.

These are the match reports:

Friday 26th June, Prince Regent, Brighton.
Sussex County Senior League.
Brighton 8, Worthing 16.
Quarter scores: 1-4, 3-4, 1-2, 3-6.

With the South-east region tournament at Splashpoint due to be played the following day, the away match at Brighton on the Friday evening acts as a useful warm-up.
As always, the shallow Prince Regent pool is a great leveler, and the home team are obviously a lot more experienced at playing in this very different environment. As a result we struggled at times, but we still controlled the great majority of the match and we deserved to be comfortable winners.
We actually made a very good start to the match and our defensive tactics reduced the home team to mainly shooting from distance. We always posed a threat in attack and we led 4-1 at the end of the period.
The second period was a fractious affair with too many exclusions and Joe was very unlucky to be excluded for the rest of the match. Brighton may have sensed a possible comeback but in the second half we took control again and scored some excellent goals. Shaun was in particularly good form scoring 8 but Richard and Joao scored hat-tricks with Joe getting the other two.
Overall this was a satisfactory win against a very enthusiastic and physically strong opposition but the final score gave a reflection of how we had dominated the match.

Scorers: Shaun 8, Richard 3, Jaoa 3, Joe 2.
Exclusions: Joe 3, Adrian 2, Richard 1, Joao 1, Peter 1, Ben C 1.

Squad in full: Ben Alcorn. Peter Benedek , Joao Martins, Ben Curtis, Joe Hazeldine, Jacob Nash, Adrian Irbe, Andy Cawdery, Shaun Hotchkiss, Richard Hooper.

Saturday 27th June, Splashpoint, Worthing.
South-east Region Men's Championship.
Match 1, Worthing 25, Basingstoke 3.
Quarter scores: 6-1, 6-1, 4-1, 9-0.

This was an easy win against a depleted Basingstoke who started the match well taking the lead, but tired badly as the game went on.
We played well throughout and the speed of our counter-attack particularly caused the opposition problems. Nine of our squad scored during match and Shaun was again in good form helping himself to 9 goals.
All of the squad for this match (we were missing Joao and Peter) had a good amount of water time and it was particularly good to see all of the juniors on the score sheet.

Scorers: Shaun 9, Alastair 4, Richard 3, Robbie 3, Archy 2, Ben C 1, Ben A 1, Joe 1, Kevin 1.
Exclusions: Archy 2, Robbie 1, Alastair 1.

Squad in full: Ben Alcorn, Robbie Scott, Adrian Irbe, Richard Hooper, Ben Curtis, Shaun Hotchkiss, Kevin Chan, Joe Hazeldine, Archy Burnell, Alastair Hardinge.

Match 2, Worthing 14, Southampton 6.
Quarter scores: 6-1, 4-2, 1-1, 3-2.

This was tough, physical match against a much improved Southampton team who are a real test when we play them.
With Peter and Joao now both in the squad we were back to something nearer a full strength team and we also had our BWPL goalkeeper Marc Guimera making an appearance.
This gave Ben Alcorn the chance to play outfield for a change and he helped himself to one very good goal.
We made an excellent start to the match and we scored 6 excellent goals, the majority from powerful and accurate shots from distance. The match gave us an opportunity to put into practice a number of the things that we have been working on in training recently and it was interesting to see how this worked out.
Overall we played well enough to win this match, but we will still need work hard on various aspects of our play which will hopefully see the squad continue to improve.

Scorers: Shaun 5, Alastair 4, Joao 2, Richard 1, Ben A 1, Peter 1.
Exclusions: Richard 1, Kevin 1, Archy 1.

Squad in full: As Basingstoke + Marc Guimera, Peter Benedek, Joao Martins, Jacob Nash.

It was a good two days with 3 wins and all of the squad members who played made significant contributions.
We hosted the tournament on Saturday which ran without a problem, and our hard-working team of table officials also helped make the day a success.

Kind regards,


Match report


Sussex County Senior League
Thursday 18th June 2015
Hastings 5, Worthing 17
Quarter Scores: 2-7, 3-3, 0-5, 0-2.

This was a match that was never pretty to watch with both teams struggling to come to terms with the shallow pool, but we recorded a comfortable and satisfactory win.
Since Splashpoint opened two years ago our appearances in deep/shallow pools are becoming increasingly rare, and for a number of the squad this was the first time they had played a competitive match in this type of pool. As a result, the match was a very scrappy affair but we were always the dominant team and we eased to a comfortable win.
Shaun was particularly prolific, scoring 4 goals in quick succession in the first quarter and eventually 9 overall in the match.
Our squad of 10 included 3 juniors and Ben Curtis will remember the match more than most after scoring early on and then keeping a clean sheet making his debut in goal in the final quarter.

Scorers: Shaun 9, Alastair 3, Joao 2, Peter 1, Ben A 1, Ben C 1.
Exclusions: Jacob 1, Robbie 1.
Squad in full: Ben Alcorn, Robbie Scott, Richard Hooper, Peter Benedek, Shaun Hotchkiss, Joao Martins, Jacob Nash, Ben Curtis, Adrian Irbe, Alastair Hardinge.

Kind regards,

Match report


South-east Region Men's Championship.
Mountbatten Leisure Centre, Portsmouth.
Sunday 31st May.

Having not played a competitive match since the end of January, our senior men's squad was looking forward to playing the first two matches in the SE regional championship.
Although we had a number of players unavailable and also a couple of late withdrawals, we still took a strong squad of 11 to play what looked like being two tough fixtures.
These are the individual match reports:

Match 1. 13.00
Worthing 13, Southampton 5.
Quarter scores: 3-0, 5-2, 3-1, 2-2.

Southampton are a much improved team and they have benefitted from playing in the British Water Polo League and as a result we knew that this would be a tough game.
It certainly proved to be the case, and we had to play well to secure a hard earned victory. We started the game well and our defensive strategy frustrated the opposition for long periods forcing them to take shots from areas that made it relatively simple for Ben in goal.
We scored three good goals and we looked as though we were going to control the remainder of the match. The second quarter was a strange affair when we managed to let Southampton score twice, Richard was harshly dismissed for dissent and I received a yellow card for no obvious reason. We soon regained control and we scored 5 unanswered goals and as a result the game was effectively over at half-time when we led 8-2
The 3rd and 4th quarters were relatively comfortable and we used the bench players to great effect knowing that we only had an hour and a half break before the second game.
We controlled the remainder of the match fairly comfortably and the final score really was a fair reflection of how we had dominated the game.
All the squad had a good amount of water time and our four juniors (Joe, Robbie, Jacob and Ben) all made significant contributions.

Scorers: Shaun 5, Peter 2, Joao 2, Joe 2, Jacob 1.
Exclusions: Richard 3, Robbie 1.

Match 2. 15.30
Worthing 24, Crawley 5
Quarter scores: 5-0, 5-2, 7-1, 7-2

If Crawley have a full strength team, as they did at the knock-out final in January, they can be a very difficult team to play, but in this match they had several players missing and we took full advantage.
We dominated the match from start to finish and we possibly could have won by a bigger margin with some slightly better finishing but we were always in control.
8 squad members scored, including an interesting hat-trick for goal keeper Ben Alcorn who scored once when in goal and twice when playing as an outfield player in the final quarter.
Once again we were able to rotate the squad regularly and everyone played well in what was a comfortable win.

Scorers: Shaun 5, Ben A 3, Alastair 3, Richard 3, Joe 3, Joao 3, Ben C 2, Jacob 1, Peter 1.
Exclusions: Ben A 1, Robbie 1, Kevin 1, Peter 1.

Squad in full: Ben Alcorn, Shaun Hotchkiss, Peter Benedek, Joao Martins, Richard Hooper, Joe Hazeldine, Alastair Hardinge, Jacob Nash, Ben Curtis, Kevin Chan, Robbie Scott.

It was good to start the 2015 season with two good wins and we are looking forward to playing the remaining two fixtures in this competition at Splashpoint on Saturday 27th June.
We will be playing Guildford and Basingstoke on that day and we will obviously hope to retain the title with two wins.

Finally, it was really good to see so many supporters at Portsmouth who made it a great atmosphere and I hope that we will play to even bigger crowds at Splashpoint at the end of June.

Kind regards,


Match report


This is the first report of 2015 but strangely it is of the 2014 Sussex county senior knock-out final.
The match had to be held over from the back end of last year until last Saturday due to fixture congestion.

Sussex Senior Knock Out Final.
Crowborough, Saturday 24th January 2015
Worthing 19, Crawley 11 (+ 4 handicap) 15.

This always promised to be a tough match with Crawley now a much improved team and at full strength where as we were missing a number of our established senior squad members.
As a result we knew that a number of our juniors would have to play a significant part if we were to have a chance of retaining the trophy that we won lat year.
We made a tentative start and we still trailed by the four goal handicap at the end of the first quarter, but we sorted out or defensive tactics at the break and we subsequently took control of the match.
Crawley never had an answer to our strong outside shooting and they also struggled to break down our defensive play when we were organised correctly.
The game remained relatively close but by the start of the final period we led by an overall two goal margin and we looked in relative control. The first goal was always going to be important and Peter scored early on to give us a three goal advantage and that always looked to be too much for a tiring opposition.
This proved to be the case and with clever game management including two time outs, we comfortably secured a satisfactory win.
It wasn't always pretty, but we were effective when we needed to be and we controlled the key parts of the match.
All the juniors played a part but Joe was unlucky to be excluded after three major fouls. Ben Curtis, Jacob and Robbie all made good contributions.

Scorers: Richard 7, Peter 3, Joao 3, Alastair 2, Ben Curtis 1, Joe 1, Antonio 1.
Exclusions: Joe 3, Richard 2, Alastair 1, Robbie 1, Ben Curtis 1, Peter 1.

Squad in full: Ben Alcorn (g/k), Andy Cawdery, Richard Hooper, Peter Benedek, Ben Curtis, Joao Martins, Robbie Scott, Joe Hazeldine, Jacob Nash, Antonio Spaccapietra.

In other news congratulations should also go to the following:

Jon Gray has recently been refereeing in the British water polo league having only taken up officiating relatively recently. He has already been re-graded as a result of his efforts and it's good to see another Worthing member now actively involved in officiating at a high level.

Holly Stoner should be congratulated on being included in the GB talent national squad for her age group. She attended a trial weekend earlier in January in Cardiff and she has now been invited to join the squad that will train approximately once a month. Holly is the first Worthing girl to be included in a national junior squad for a number of years and she will now have the opportunity to train on a regular basis with girls from all round the UK.

Kind regards,


Alastair Roberts
Water Polo Secretary